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April 23, 1977


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    Analysis and countermeasures on North Korea's proposal of expanding the range of the demilitarized zone, including the stance of the US government on this issue.
    "Countermeasure to North Korea's Proposal on DMZ Alternation," April 23, 1977, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, Roll 2009-42, File 06, Frames 2-4, South Korean Foreign Ministry Archive.
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Countermeasure to North Korea's Proposal on DMZ Alternation

1977. 4. 23.

North America Division 2

1. Background

Intelligence is obtained that North Korea is getting ready for a proposal of expanding the range of the demilitarized zone (defined by the Article 1 of the Korean War Armistice Agreement), which is 4 km wide now. (April 15, 1977.)

2. Analysis on North Korea's proposal

a. Intending to urge the U.S. troop withdrawal from ROK on the pretext of developing the inter-Korea reconciliatory mood, which is actually disguised.

b. Aiming to weaken the United Nations Command (UNC) functionally by a disguised proposal in order to amend the major article (Article 1).

c. Targeting to propagandize against U.S. at the 32nd session of the United Nations General Assembly

- as part of their peace offensive

d. Creating an opportunity of contacting U.S. directly

- to conclude a peace treaty with the United States

e. Planning to conceal the internal contradictions in North Korea by escalating the tensions between the two Koreas

f. Attempting to cause confusion in defense posture at our frontlines against the North Korea puppets (needing analysis by the Department of Defense)

3. Our stance on the proposal

a. Definitely opposing any measures that cause confusion over validity of the armistice. Needing effective countermeasures and mutual agreement in advance.

b. Demanding the resumption of the inter-Korean dialogues to secure the validity of the armistice more clearly and guarantee the peace settlement institutionally in the Korean Peninsula

c. Opposing U.S. initiative to launch direct contact with the North Korean puppet regime

d. Calling for the United Nations Command (UNC) and the United States to conduct sufficient prior consultation with Korea if the North Korean puppets raise the issue in question

4. Countermeasures

a. Not accepting North Korean puppets' proposal until the faithful fulfillment of the current armistice is completely guaranteed

i. North Korea, needing to stop armed provocation within the demilitarized zone (DMZ)

ii. Restoring the Joint Observer Team and reviving the Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission

b. Immediately resuming the inter-Korean dialogues to implement the armistice definitely and institutionalizing the peace settlement in the Korean Peninsula

c. If either the United Nations Command or U.S. were offered the alternation of DMZ by the North Korean puppets, both needing to check out the fulfillment of both a and b as stated above and urging North Korean puppets to resume the inter-Korean talks

d. Encouraging those nations involved in the armistice to hold the talks as early as possible

e. Unless the faithful fulfillment of the current armistice is guaranteed, actively informing the Non-Alignment nations of the fact that any proposal by the North Korean puppets would be no more than fabrication and propaganda so that they support our position.