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June 15, 1962


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    The conversation was about Kim Il Sung's health after his surgery. North Korean diplomat greeted Chinese leaders.
    "Record of Conversation from Premier Zhou's Reception of the Delegation of the North Korean Supreme People's Assembly in Shenyang," June 15, 1962, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, PRC FMA 106-01379-13, 16-19. Translated by Stephen Mercado.
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Foreign Ministry Document

Record of Conversation from Premier Zhou’s Reception in Shenyang of a Delegation of the Korean Supreme People’s Assembly

Time: 6:40 p.m., 15 June 1962

Place: VIP Lounge, Shenyang Railway Station

Participants: Korean side: Jeong [Jong] [sic], deputy delegation leader, and all delegation members

Our side: Deputy Secretary-General Zhang Su; Deputy Director Ge Buhai; Liaoning CPC Provincial First Secretary Huang Daqing; Provincial Committee Second Secretary and Governor Huang Oudong; CPC Shenyang Municipal Committee First Secretary Jiao Ruoyu; Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Shenyang Garrison Commander General Chen Xilian et al.

Interpreter: Jiang Longqiu

Recorder: [no name given]

Pak Geum-cheol [Pak Kum-chol]: Comrade Premier, although busy with work, you have personally come to greet our delegation. We feel overwhelmed and, at the same time, happy and honored as well.

Premier: I have just arrived in Shenyang for work. Welcome on your visit here.

Is Premier Kim in good health

Pak: The Comrade Premier's health is good. Before departing I went to see the Premier. He told me after arriving in Beijing to give his regards to Chairman Mao [Zedong], Chairman Liu [Shaoqi], Chairman Zhu [De], Premier Zhou [Enlai], Comrade [Deng] Xiaoping, Comrade Peng Zhen and other leading comrades. He also wanted me to inform the leading comrades of the Chinese Party that he is in fine health and that he will be able to leave the hospital today or tomorrow.

Premier: My thanks to the Comrade Premier. We are all very happy to hear that the Comrade Premier is healthy. Did your doctor perform surgery?

Pak: Yes, our doctor performed surgery (following portion blacked out).

Not long after undergoing surgery, the Comrade Premier received Chairman Mao’s letter of sympathy. The Comrade Premier was exceptionally moved and happy. This has played a great role in the Comrade Premier’s rapid recovery.

Premier: Chairman Mao represents us and represents the entire Chinese people in expressing sympathy for the Comrade Premier’s health. This is because he is not only the brilliant leader of the Korean people, but also the close friend of the Chinese people.

Pak: Thank you, Comrade Premier, for this talk.

Premier: How many persons are there all together in your delegation?

Pak: There are seven persons in total in the delegation (introduces the members of the delegation to the Premier).

Premier: (asks each member of the delegation whether he has come to China before or not) I saw your schedule. Arrangements have been made for you to go south and tour, but there has been no arrangement made for your stay in Shenyang. I think that you can stay a bit in Shenyang on your return. Even a day would be good. You stood up to US imperialism at the 38th parallel. They (points to the Liaoning comrades) only then were able to carry out construction.

Pak: One should say that it is the result of the Chinese people having sent the Volunteer Army and fighting the war alongside us.

Premier: It was mainly you, you doing your utmost to fight. We only lent a hand. Today I only have 20 minutes. I am completely occupied. The Liaoning comrades do not have the opportunity to speak with you. On your return you must stop over in Shenyang. I can then make arrangements for you, because they (pointing to the Liaoning comrades) hope that you will stop by Shenyang for a visit.

Pak: I agree with the Comrade Premier’s idea.

Premier: Comrade Mao Zedong is currently away, as is Comrade Chen Yi. Comrade Zhu De has heard that you have come and are already returning to Beijing. It has also been good talking with you here today. I can delay here a bit my return and wait for you to return from the south. We can also meet and talk in Beijing.

CC: Chairman[Mao Zedong],[Liu] Shaoqi, [Zhou] Enlai, Zhu De, Chen Yun, Lin Biao, [Deng] Xiaoping, Peng Zhen, [Dong] Biwu, He Long, [Li] Xiannian, [Lu] Dingyi, Kang Sheng, [Wang] Jiaxiang, [Yang] Shangkun, [Luo] Ruiqing, [Xi] Zhongxun, [An] Ziwen, [Xie] Fuzhi, Kong Yuan, Central Committee Office of Confidential Secretaries, Office of Foreign Affairs (4)

Central Propaganda Department (2), International Liaison Department (5), Investigation Department (4), Culture and Education Commission, Ministry of Public Security, National People’s Congress

Chen, Zhang, Ji, Geng, Huang, Qiao, Han, General Office (3), Foreign Policy Research Office, 2nd Asian Affairs Department, Information Department, Protocol Department

Receiving offices, embassies, 3 file copies, 57 copies printed in total

 Received 16 June 1962                           Submitted for printing 16 June 1962

General Office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs                            Printed and distributed 16 June 1962