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January 01, 1946


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    Report distributed among top Soviet officials, describing an independence movement in Gilan province. Expresses doubt and concern over the extant to which this movement can be controlled by the existing Azerbaijani partisan command.
    "Deciphered Telegram No. 2140/4, from Kozlov to Filippov [Stalin]," January 01, 1946, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, RGASPI, f. 82, op. 2, d. 1221, ll. 29-30. Contributed by Jamil Hasanli and translated by Gary Goldberg.
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[Letterhead: VKP(b) CC Department of International Information]


From Iran

Sent 1 January 1946
Incoming Nº 2140/4

Received by the Cipher Department 1 January 1946 [29 December 1945 was crossed out]

Deciphered by the Cipher

Department 1 January 1946

[typed across the top; handwritten in an apparently earlier version: "With Silin. What to do? 3 January 1946. V. Molotov"]

to Filippov [Stalin]

On 22 December a resolution was received from Resht of a meeting of representatives of various strata of the people of Gilan signed by representatives of the peasantry, landowners, intelligentsia, and the local organization of the People's Party. The resolution was published by a majority of leftist newspapers on 24, 25, and 26 December. It contains [the following] demands: the exile [izgnanie] of Seyyed Ziaeddin, the establishment of a democratic regime, the prosecution of the thieves and bribetakers from the government apparatus, the creation of provincial and local enjumens, and for 50% of the taxes collected in the province to be put at the disposition of provincial institutions. The resolution was telegraphed to the Shah, the Majlis, and the government. The telegram indicated that if the demands were not met within 10 days they would begin action themselves. An eight-man committee was chosen to lead the movement. Doubts arise in the CC of the People's Party in connection with the movement developing in Gilan. A month ago at the instruction of the CC Reza Rusta went to Tabriz and there Mirza Ibragimov and Pishevari suggested to him that he immediately begin active operations in Gilan and worked out a plan and program of action. When Rusta informed me of this I recommended that he immediately report everything to our comrades in the mission. They told him there that there are no instructions about such operations in Gilan; on the contrary, several days later these comrades recommended that the CC of the People's Party send their people to Gilan and Mazanderan to restrain local workers from premature actions. Rusta and Kambakhsh went. The assignment was carried out. On their return several days later a meeting of representatives of various strata of the population was held in Gilan, an ultimatum was adopted and sent to the government, and a committee was created. Although the ultimatum was signed by local officials of the People's Party the CC of the People's Party was not informed of the preparation of this meeting.

Buzurg Alavi just returned; Mirza Gasanov and Pishevari told him that it is necessary to act in Gilan, and that they had entrusted this matter to Rusta, but he was sleeping. Alavi replied that he knew that the mission had not recommended that active operations be started in Gilan. Then Mirza Gasanov said to act but he himself would see to it that permission was given. Both these facts again caused confusion in the CC of the People's Party. CC officials say that if operations begin in Gilan and a committee is being created and they have not even been notified, then it is obvious that they are not trusted. They do not know what their role should be in the movement. I made our comrades from the mission aware of this; the latter promised to dispel all the doubts of the CC members and declared that the movement in Gilan is under our control and there would be no misunderstanding with the CC.


[handwritten note at the bottom of the first page of the earlier version: "Cde. Silin sent Cde. Bagirov our position on this question"; at the bottom of the first page of the later version, "CC member. The first copy with the note of Cde. Molotov has been sent to Cde. [[S]]ilin.]

[Original version: Six copies printed; later version: 3 [[SIC]]copies printed]

[handwritten: to Cde. Stalin]

1. to Cde. Molotov

2. to Cde. Beria

3. to Cde. Malenkov

4. to Cde. Dekanozov [handwritten in the later version]

5. to Cde. Panyushkin [not among the addressees in the later version]

6. O/S [not among the addressees in the later version]

7. [handwritten]: to Cde. Mikoyan

8. [handwritten]: to Cde. Zhdanov


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