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March 26, 1962


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    Telegram describing meeting between Ambassador Chabasinski and Soviet Ambassador Ilya Semenovich Chernyshev during which Chabasinski advised him on diplomatic conduct while in Brazil.
    "Polish Embassy, Rio de Janeiro (Chabasinski), to Polish Foreign Ministry," March 26, 1962, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, Polish Foreign Ministry archives (AMSZ), Warsaw; obtained by James Hershberg, translated by Malgorzata Gnoinska
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Ciphergram No. 2705

From: Rio de Janeiro dispatched on 02.26.1962 at 17:00 and received on 02.27.1962 at 7:0

Came to the Decoding Department on 02.27.1962 at 7:00

To:  [Foreign Ministry Director Aleksander] KRAJEWSKI

From: [Ambassador Wojciech] CHABASINSKI[1]

  1. Soviet Ambassador [Ilya Semenovich] Chernyshev[2] paid me a visit the day after his return. He asked me to provide him with information and advice regarding the situation in Brazil.
  2. He received instructions to act with special caution so he would not cause any difficulties from the very beginning by being overly active.
  3. At the personal request of [President João Belchior Marques] Goulart [which he expressed] in his conversation with [Alexei Ivanovich] Adzhubei,[3] Moscow ordered the [Soviet] ambassador [to Brazil] to make himself comfortable in the new capital [Brasilia] definitively and as soon as possible. The federal government [of Brazil] is concerned about further provocations in Rio.
  4. [Ambassador] Chernyshev did not receive any instructions to talk immediately about any [economic] credits, but instead he was ordered to continue to postpone the matter.  Comrade [Nikita] Khrushchev’s message to [President] Goulart, which was handed to him by Chernyshev, dealt with general issues of bilateral cooperation.
  5. They are expecting the arrival of comrades [First Deputy Premier Alexei Nikolayevich] Kosygin or [Minister of Foreign Trade Nikolai Semyonovich] Patolichev in May for the opening of the Soviet Union’s economic exhibit in Rio de Janeiro.
  6. The visit of the chief of the temporary Brazilian post [in Moscow], that took place [during his meeting] at Khrushchev’s, occurred at his request mostly in order to apologize for the incident in Rio. They have not discussed any other concrete matters. Besides, the Soviet side treated the visit as a gesture reciprocating the official visit of Adzhubei and his wife.

Decoded on 02.27.1962 at 10:00 by Piecuch, checked by Bakunowic

[1] Poland’s envoy to Brazil from 1956-61 and Poland’s ambassador to Brazil from 1961-65.

[2] He was the Soviet Union’s ambassador to Brazil from December 1961 until October 21, 1962 when he drowned in Rio de Janeiro.

[3] Alexei Ivanovich Adzhubei (1924–1993) was a Russian journalist and politician married to Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev’s daughter, Rada Khrushchev.


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