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September 16, 1955


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    The enclosed article was sent to CPSU CC for potential use by the newspaper "For a Durable Peace, For a People's Democracy," and celebrates the third anniversary of the 30th of Tir 1331 when the Shah was overthrown.
    "Letter to the CPSU Central Committee, Translation of People's Party of Iran Article," September 16, 1955, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, RGANI, f. 5, op. 28, d. 347. Department for Relations with Foreign Communist Parties (International Department of the Central Committee), 1953-1957, microfilm, reel 83. Obtained by Roham Alvandi and translated for CWIHP by Gary Goldberg.
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Secret Copy Nº 1

[USSR MFA letterhead]

OBSV [Department of the Near and Middle East]

16 September 1955

Nº 996/obsv

[CPSU CC stamp;


17 September 1955

Subject to return

to the CPSU CC

General Department]


to Cde. I. I. KOZLOV

I am sending you a translation from Persian of the text of an appeal from the CC of the People's Party of Iran to the Iranian people on the occasion of the third anniversary of the 30th of Tir 1331 (21 July 1952) for possible use by the editorial board of the newspaper "For a Durable Peace, For a People's Democracy".

Attachment: the aforementioned on four pages,

 unclassified, to the addressee only



    (V. SEMENOV)

[handwritten:] To the archives

Used in the sector's work.

Sector chief/I. Kozlov

31 January 1956 [SIC, not 1955]

[two illegible signatures]

Translation from the Persian


Dear fellow countrymen!

Friends from the "National Resistance Movement"!

Party comrades!

Three years have passed since the historic day of the 30th of Tir, the day of the victorious uprising of the Iranian people against American-British imperialism and its hirelings inside the country headed by the traitorous Shah.

After the Iranian people achieved one of their longstanding desires as a result of a long struggle and heroism, and on the 29th of Esfand 1329 tore their greatest wealth from the clutches of British imperialism, oil, nationalized it, and then on the 27th of Mordad 1331 expelled the British spies and diplomats from our country who had interfered in the internal affairs of Iran; Washington and London which, in spite of all the differences between them, both looked at our national riches with greedy eyes and dreamed of using our youth as cannon fodder and the territory of our motherland as a base of aggression against the Soviet Union, were thrown into confusion. The reactionary Iranian court, which saw that it could not continue its dismal dominance without the protection of the Anglo-American imperialists, openly switched to their side and began to arrange numerous conspiracies at the direct order of America and Britain. The first big conspiracy of the colonizers, the goal of which was the execution of a coup, took place at the end of Tir 1331 (July 1952 - editor).

At this time as a result of the pressure of Anglo-American imperialism and the conspiracy of the traitorous Shah together with the venal majority of the "deputies" of the 17th Majles Qavam os-Saltaneh, who was charged with suppressing the anti-imperialist movement of the Iranian people, was appointed to the post of Prime Minister. Imperialism and Iranian reaction hoped to achieve success in this conspiracy as a consequence of a rift and lack of unity in the ranks of the anti-imperialist forces which was, on the one hand, the result of a conciliatory tactic of the "National Front" leadership and, on the other, the result of mistakes by the People's Party of Iran in assessing the anti-imperialist nature of the "National Front".

However, events developed otherwise. The Central Committee of the People's Party of Iran, having corrected its erroneous views regarding the role of national capitalism and its political organization, the "National Front", called up on Doctor Mossadegh, the "National Front", and all the people, regardless of their political affiliations, to create a united front and fight together to overthrow the Qavam government, the coup government. Although the leaders of the "National Front" and, particularly, those of them who participated in this organization with the object of sabotage and who were then exposed one after another, they did not give an official positive response to the appeal to our Party, the popular masses and ordinary members of the "National Front" warmly greeted this appeal and together with the fighters of the People's Party signed an agreement about an unbreakable alliance of all anti-imperialist forces of Iran with the pure blood of the best of their own sons. Since that time the leaders of the "National Front" have repeatedly declined the calls of the People's party to create a united national anti-imperialist front. The common enemy, which suffered defeat on the 30th of Tir, 1331, and in other conspiracies, exploited the conciliatory tactic of the "National Front" government and its pressure on the fighters of the People's Party. It put its broken ranks into order and prepared for a decisive attack. However, the national forces were scattered in the face of the enemy, and were not prepared and united.

Thirteen months have not passed since the historic day of the 30th of Tir, 1331, when America, Britain, and their hirelings inside the country, having prepared beforehand and using the unpreparedness of the national forces, conducted a fascist massacre on the 28th of Mordad, 1332 (the 19th of  August, 1953) and came out temporarily victorious. If after the 30th of Tir 1331 genuine cooperation of all the anti-imperialist parties and organizations had been strengthened and stood in one fighting rank to fight the open conspiracies of the imperialists and the court, then no force could have beaten this rank.

As a result, the US "intermediator", as the People's Party of Iran foresaw and repeatedly declared the danger of this, established dominance over our country together with the rapacious British government. They pocketed our nationalized oil, imposed onerous loans on our country opened the way to foreign monopoly capital for greater exploitation of the Iranian people and the workers of Iran, despite the interests of domestic industry and domestic capitalists. All this led to mills closing inside Iran and Iranian merchants ended up in a state of unprecedented bankruptcy. The Anglo-American imperialists presented us with the gift of a dangerous economic crisis and flooded domestic markets with their stale goods, which were the direct result of the so-called "aid" of the "free world". Unemployment and the impoverished condition of the peasants and petty traders has reached an unprecedented scale. The people's lives have become unbearable. They have placed a countless number of their spies called "advisers", diplomats, point four officials, etc.  at the head of all our sectors, and thrown thousands of people from various parties into prisons and torture chambers, killed several of our national heroes and fighters, and have created such a situation of a smothering of public freedoms in our homeland which has rarely been encountered before.

The experience of two years of struggle after the coup has shown that the puppet government of national treason subjects the National Party of Iran, the leading fighter against imperialism and tireless herald for the creation of a united anti-imperialist front, to more pressure than any other anti-imperialist organization. This government sees the main danger to itself in an alliance of anti-imperialist forces. By pressure on our Party it wants to clear itself a path to a stronger attack on the remaining parties and organizations and the rights of the entire people as a whole. Our common enemy is weak. The shaky foundations of its power are supported by lashes and executions, in pounds and dollars, and in the lack of unity and the division of the national forces. If the national forces, beginning with the People's Party of Iran and ending with the "National Resistance Movement" and all organizations which advocate the independence of Iran, will join together and fight the common enemy in a common front then, taking into account the favorable international situation which facilitates a victory of the uprisings of colonial peoples, there is every possibility of overthrowing the puppet government of the oppressors.

At the present time the imperialists are exerting efforts to accomplish another goal of the shameful 28th of Mordad coup, drawing Iran into military danger and an aggressive anti-Soviet bloc. Just as before the theft of the oil wealth they are resorting to new arrests and murders to intimidate the people to accomplish these dangerous and dirty goals of theirs.

In such conditions, inspired by the memory of the innocent souls of the heroes of the 30th of Tir 1331 and the other martyrs who fell for the freedom and independence of Iran, we again call upon the "National Resistance Movement" and all Iranian people who love freedom and independence to form a united national anti-imperialist front for a joint struggle to overthrow the monarchical-fascist government run by the imperialists. We issue a call to fight for such a government as would embody the will and be a defender of the interests of the broadest masses of our people, expel the rapacious oil consortium from our country and return our nationalized oil, respect democratic freedoms, follow a path of strengthening peace in the entire world, and not subject Iran to the danger of aggression or join military pacts.

Success to the united anti-imperialist front of workers, peasants, artisans, intellectuals, and national capitalists!

Let the rapacious Anglo-American consortium be destroyed!

May the monarchical-fascist regime of the Shah and its helpers fall!

Glory to the heroes of the 30the of Tir 1331! Eternal memory to the heroes who died in recent years for the freedom and independence of the motherland!

Long live freedom! Long live Iran!

The Central Committee of the People's Party of Iran, Tir 1334. (23 June - 23 July 1955 - [Soviet] translator).

6-ru Translated: [signature] (Alekseyev)

30 July 1955


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