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June 17, 1949


This document was made possible with support from the Youmna and Tony Asseily

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    On the eve of the 50th anniversary of Syrian and Lebanese Communist independence, a secret memo is distributed by the Lebanese Community Party defining the role of the Regional Secretary.
    "Untitled note concerning a secret memo distributed by the Central Committee of the Lebanese Communist Party," June 17, 1949, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, Emir Farid Chehab Collection, GB165-0384, Box 1, File 157/1, Middle East Centre Archive, St Antony’s College, Oxford.
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Beirut, Jun 17, 1949

Number 85/ The communists are preparing to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the independence of the Syrian and Lebanese Communist Parties with the strengthening of their branches in the regional specific committees by finding strong elements as supervisory secretaries for these committees.

I have come across the text of a secret memo distributed by the central committee of the Lebanese Communist Party entitled; (The role of the Regional Secretary) that included the following:

“We remind you that article 19 of the Party bylaws [page 2] states that “ The Regional Committee consults the Central Committee regarding the candidacy of the Regional Secretary.”  If the party conference votes on this bylaw; that means that this matter has become insignificant and the Regional Secretary is a fighter with great responsibility, on whom party action is great dependent.  That’s why the Central Committee takes interest in his appointment.  Therefore, the Regional committee has to cooperate to select him locally to take on all the tasks assigned to him.

Article 21 of the bylaws states that “The Regional Committee and in turn its secretary executes the decisions of the Central Committee and the Regional Council – this section includes [page 3] democratic majority – the same article concludes with “the Regional Committee, and the Regional Secretary primarily is responsible for its work at the Regional Council and the Central Committee.

Also, under the title; (the Regional Secretary) came that “He is the Party fighter who has the highest levels of responsibility to the party in general and to the worker’s movement and the people in the region.  He is the fighter who has to have the sense of initiative and creativity and has to be highly organized because he is charged with the greatest [page 4] liability for all that is related to party work in his region.  This Regional Secretary has to not only be a politician and a political leader but also be an organizing secretary in his regional organization and has to be highly qualified to take charge of organizing his activities.

Under the title: (Supervising Cadres and their Establishment), the Regional Secretary and every secretary has to take the initiative to help out the fighters in case they feel defeat and to stop its spread and point out the problematic areas, fix the errors and re-establish their self-confidence.

Under the title: (Fighting Family Loyalties, Tribalism and [page 5] Loyalty to the Group), these secretaries have to fight these things and find a way for the fighters to read and study and understand these matters.

At the conclusion of this memo was the following:

Every Regional and Branch Secretary has to feel everything he has to be and do.  He has to feel the burden of responsibility and be qualified to discuss life matters in the Regional Bureau and Committee and in all committees in the region, in order that the party can accomplish its major goals and overcome all obstacles to reach a state as Stalin said “All roads lead to Communism.”


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