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September, 1950


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    Communist parties liquidate several leaders in Syria and Lebanon, students from Lebanon contact the Security Council to call for intervention, and Lebanese and Syrian leaders follow suit.
    "Communist Activity," September, 1950, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, Emir Farid Chehab Collection, GB165-0384, Box 12, File 37/12, Middle East Centre Archive, St Antony’s College, Oxford.
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Communist Activity

We recently pointed out the decision by the Communist Parties to distance Mr. Rashad Al-Issa and [illegible] and to expel them from communism.

They are also liquidating others, including 11 communists among them critics from Syria and Lebanon, among those Syrian lawyers like, Victoria Nu’man, Mustafa Murad, Arif Al-Ma’sarani, Abdul-Jalil Sirin and others whom, a month ago, the party directed them with a warning to stick to the guidelines, but at the end they were expelled from the party. This process of liquidation does not include well-know members of the party, but rather a number of secret members.

 A delegation from the Student Association in Lebanon and the Children’s Committee headed on Sept 19th to the American Commission, among them Mr. Mustafa Al-Zain, the Secretary General of the Student Association, which is a communist organization.  They presented to the [commission] copies of the two signed memos to the Secretariat General of the Security Council, which included a protestation of violence, brutality, oppression and the killing of women and children by American Aircrafts, demanding that the Council interfere to put an end to such acts in Syria.

 In the evening of Dec 19, [illegible] the members of the two central committees for the Syrian and Lebanese parties held a meeting at the home of [illegible] in [illegible] neighborhood headed by Khalid Bekdash in which it was decided to lay down the final draft of the memo sent by Air Mail on Sep 14th to the Secretariat General of the Security Council.  A copy of this memo was delivered to the Russian Commission protesting the British attempt to start a new World War and the massacres committed in Syria and the activities by the allies to unify Syria and Lebanon as a military base against Russia.

Internal Memo issued on Sep 19th, 1950


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