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January 05, 1961


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    Report on the implementation of the CC CPSU decree to broadcast radio programs to counter VOA and BBC broadcasts.
    "Implementation of the CC CPSU Decree 'Measures to Vigorously Counteract Hostile Radio Propaganda'," January 05, 1961, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, CPSU Central Committee Archives, TsKhSD reel 1.1005/17, Fond 89, Perechen’ 46, Delo 14. Copy in Hoover Archives. Obtained by Anatol Shmelev. Translated by Gary Goldberg.
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to the CC CPSU

[handwritten over the first two paragraphs: “[one word illegible] for Khrushchev”]

Implementation of the CC CPSU decree “Measures to Vigorously Counteract Hostile Radio Propaganda”

The CC CPSU decree of 19 July 1960 “Measures to Counteract Hostile Radio Propaganda” envisioned organizing the rebroadcast by radio from Moscow of varied current information about events in the country and abroad as well as other programs for radio listeners in the Eastern regions of the USSR when Voice of America and BBC are broadcasting special programs in Russian for the population of the Soviet Union.

Simultaneously it was recommended that the CC’s of the Communist Parties of the union republics organize serious, interesting political programs on republican broadcasts in the languages in which the hostile radio propaganda is being broadcast when the Voice of America and BBC are broadcasting.

The radio broadcast programs envisioned by the CC CPSU decree have begun. Beginning on 1 August 1960 the State Committee for Radio and Television Broadcasting has been transmitting special broadcasts for the Eastern regions of the Soviet Union every day from 1700 to 2200 Moscow time. The Latest News, commentary, and reviews are broadcast every hour during Voice of America and BBC programs in Russian. On [6] October 1960 the same programs from Moscow were introduced during the morning schedules of the Voice of America and BBC.

Thus the residents of Siberia and the Urals now have the opportunity at convenient morning and evening hours to listen to a variety of radio information and commentary from Moscow about the latest events in the world. These programs are rebroadcast on eight different shortwave frequencies and also a number of local and medium-wave radio stations.

At the present time the state Committee for Radio and Television Broadcasting and the USSR Ministry of Communications are taking steps so that programs with political information for the Eastern regions are also heard in the central part of the USSR during the scheduled programming of hostile radio propaganda.

The CC’s of the Communist Parties of the union republics and a number of CPSU oblast committees have also examined the question of counteracting hostile radio propaganda and have taken specific steps to strengthen local radio broadcasting.

Beginning in September 1960 the Central Committee of the CP of Azerbaijan began republican radio broadcasting of additional editions of the Latest News during Voice of America and BBC programs, increased broadcasts of counterpropaganda materials in Azerbaijani and Russian, and took steps to improve the content of artistic programming.

The Central Committee of the CP of Estonia has changed the schedule of republican broadcasting. Now during Voice of America programming they broadcast varied political programming which enjoy great popularity with the population.

Such measures have also been taken in other republics and also in a number of krays and oblasts.

At the present time steps are being taken to further increase the quality of radio transmissions in national and local broadcasting.

The CC CPSU Department of Agitation and Propaganda for the Union Republics has instituted constant monitoring of the organization of active countermeasures against hostile radio propaganda. In the first quarter of 1961 the department intends to review the question of the organization of the struggle against hostile radio propaganda in the Lithuanian SSR.

Deputy Chief of the CC CPSU Department of Agitation and Propaganda for Union Republics


A. Romanov

Chief of a sector of the department      


G. Kazak

5 January 1961


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