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July, 1945


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    Cde. Yegnarov reports on his meeting with "Sadyk," noting his persistent requests to begin military operations against the Chinese and for "Sadyk" to lead the operation against the Chinese in the South of Xinjiang. Yegnarov also describes military maneuvers in the Ili District and requests permission to transfer Red Army detachments in order to liberate the Tarbaghatai District.
    "Telegram from Cde. Yegnarov for Cde. Beria," July, 1945, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, GARF, Fond 9401ss, Opis' 2, Delo 100, ll. 354-357. Obtained by Jamil Hasanli and translated by Gary Goldberg.
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On 3 July of this year I had a meeting with "SADYK" [sic] in Ghulja [Yining]. The latter presented a quite persistent request to me to begin active operations against the Chinese, sending the main forces to the south of Xinjiang.

"SADYK" declared that the political situation in the south has utterly boiled over. The population is expecting aid from the East Turkestan republic, and if this immediate circumstance is not made use of, the tension in the mood of the population will be worsened and afterwards it will be difficult to correct, he is convinced of this. He has studied the psychology of the Muslims during his 30-year revolutionary struggle.

In response to my comment that in the next few days the detachment of KOKANBAYEV will be operating in the south in the direction of Tashkurgan [Tashiku’ergan]-Yarkand [Shache] "SADYK" replied that the main role in the liberation of the south is being played by Kashgar [Kashi] and that success will be doubtful without "SADYK"'s presence with [his] units. He absolutely has to be in the south. Then "SADYK" stressed that there is a very clever British consul in Kashgar who will interfere in the uprising, but his, "SADYK's", presence allows the authorities to be influenced for the success of the cause of liberation from the Chinese.

In my attempt to convince "SADYK" of the prematurity of broad offensive operations because of a shortage of manpower and weapons in connection with the need to first of all ensure the defense of the Ghulja District and prepare a manpower base in the rear of the Chinese "SADYK" replied that for it the "BUYGA" [sic] brigade is sufficient for the liberation of Kashgar. He guarantees success with these forces.

Finally, convinced by the cited reasons for the situation "SADYK" remained extremely dissatisfied at the delay of more active operations against the Chinese. Declaring the need to go against the Chinese, "SADYK" noted that the desire to begin active operations is dictated not only by the absolutely burning desire of the Muslims to liberate themselves from the Chinese government but also by discussions which have started among the population of Ghulja that they have been sold out by the Bolsheviks and the defense of the interests of the Muslims in the liberation from Chinese government has receded into the background right now.

I received your directive on 3 July and have set about fulfilling it. For the creation of a stronger defense of the district:

The 2nd Ghulja Regiment of 1500 men has been moved forward to the region of Yun [sic]-Jinghe [Jing]-Takiantszy [sic]. The 5th Mongolian Cavalry Squadron of 1,700 men has been attached to it to do this.

The 3rd Kensan [sic] Regiment with a strength of 1,500 men is in the second echelon in the region of Santay [sic] and the Talka Pass [sic]. The defense of Dzhimpan [sic] has been entrusted to the First Mongolian Cavalry Squadron of 350 men.

The First Sundui [sic] Regiment of 1350 men has been moved up to Liaocaogou [sic] as a reserve. It has been rearmed from existing stores in view of [its] weak weaponry. One regiment of the "BUYGA" cavalry brigade has been moved up to the area of the Achali [sic] Pass as a reserve in the direction/sector of Jinghe-Shiho [sic]. I am not making changes in the position of the remaining units.

I am [one-two words illegible] the construction of defensive lines in view of their unsatisfactory condition.

I am continuing to bring units up to full strength and train [them]. At the present time the total strength of the troops has been brought to 11,800 men, ?coming down to? one cavalry brigade , one independent cavalry regiment, five independent rifle regiments, six independent cavalry squadrons, one ?mortar artillery? battalion, and one independent machine gun ?squadron?

The troops' weapons are: 73 mortars, 17 PTR, 225 machine guns, 5,480 rifles, 348 automatic weapons, and 7,740 smoke charges [translator's note: shashki, which can also mean "sabers"].

During an inspection the majority of the personnel of the units showed themselves to be trained, with a healthy morale and political condition, and ready for combat operations.

I am forming five detachments with a total strength of 150 men who have undergone preparations for actions in the rear of the Chinese. The detachments will be active along the Shiho [sic]- Dörbiljin [Emin] road and in the regions of Manas [Manasi], Taksun [sic], and Aksu [Akesu]. These measures will be conducted with the direction participation of "SADYK".

I am thinking of using KOKANBAYEV's detachment in the direction of Tashkurgan-Yarkand [Shache], moving it to Takhtamysh [sic] and further across the Shandy Pass [sic] into Xinjiang, and creating an operations group headed by PROKOPYUK, whose base will be in Takhtamysh, to lead the operations of the detachment. The use of the detachment is possible immediately upon arrival in Takhtamysh in view of the bases of weapons previously stored in Murgab and Osh. PROKOPYUK is leaving to receive KOKANBAYEV's detachment.

I am transferring DYUSENBAYEV's detachment to Ghulja for formation on the basis of a detachment of the Kazakh regiment with the goal of its subsequent use in the Tarbaghatai [Tacheng] District. The personnel of the regiment have been prepared.

The situation which has developed in Ghulja and the action of the Kazakhs in the region of Manas, the active preparations of the Chinese for the liquidation of the national liberation movement of the Muslims, and the extreme need to speed up the support of the leadership with the operations of the Kazakhs of [Ospan] "BATYR" [Osman Batur] in Altai District forces [me] to request your permission to take measures for immediate operations with larger forces with the goal of liberating Tarbaghatai District. The departure of only one regiment of rebels for Tarbaghatai District will allow, in coordination with Kazakhs who have revolted in Manas County, the interruption of communications between Urumqi and Jinghe and Chuguchak [Tacheng], elimination of the garrison in Chuguchak and Dörbiljin, and linking up with the Kazakhs of "BATYR".

Such a situation will undoubtedly wreck the presumed Chinese offensive on Ghulja and strengthen the position and authority of the East Turkestan Republic.

Request your instructions.


Authenticated by: Akopov


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