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September 29, 1935


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    The Politburo prohibits NKVD officers in Xinjiang from deviating from the approved political line and proposes developing oil near the border under the guise of Xinjiang production.
    "Politburo Decisions of 29 September 1935 Concerning Xinjiang," September 29, 1935, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, RGASPI, F. 17. Op. 162, D. 18, L. 140-141. Obtained by Jamil Hasanli and translated by Gary Goldberg.
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RGASPI, f. 17. op. 162, d. 18, l. 140-141.

[handwritten at the top of the page: points NN 110, 111, and 112 are in classified storage

from [[Politburo]] Minutes N 33 of 29 September 1935]


110 - Concerning Vostvag.

a) Consider it inadvisable to open the work of the Vostvag firm in Xinjiang.

b) Hold the NKVT responsible for opening the trade in Xinjiang in tea, special Chinese, and West European goods not produced in the USSR, forming a special Soviet trade office for this.

Excerpts have been sent: to Cdes. Krestinsky, Stomonyakov, Sud'in, and Ehliava.

111. Concerning the work of our representatives in Xinjiang

a) Appoint Cde. Apresov the Authorized Representative of the CC in Xinjiang, charging him with political oversight of the representatives of all our departments in Xinjiang. The representatives of all the departments (including the NKVD and NKO [People's Commissariat of Defense]) do not have the right to undertake any action either having or capable of having political importance for the USSR or affecting the line we are pursuing in Xinjiang without the permission of Cde. Apresov in advance.

b) Approve the previous directive of the Xinjiang Commission according to which all consuls are prohibited from engaging any sort of operational agent work, and the NKVD representatives are prohibited from [work] within the competence of the consuls. Hold the NKVD representatives responsible for informing consuls of all political information which arrives locally through NKVD channels in a timely and complete manner.

c) Grant Cde. Apresov the right to remove any Soviet official in Xinjiang from work for exhibiting attempts at command of [local] authorities, for interference in the internal affairs of the local authorities, or for impermissible behavior on foreign territory and to send [them] back to the USSR with the appropriate explanations.

Excerpts have been sent:

to Cdes. Krestinsky and Stomonyakov.

112. Concerning the advisers and instructors in Xinjiang.

Leave the CC decree of 23 March of this year about sending no more than 50 advisers and instructors to Xinjiang in force, and explain that this does include the doctors and veterinarians working in [their] specialties.

Excerpts have been sent:

to Cdes. Krestinsky and Stomonyakov.

[Translator's note: the next three items were highlighted and crossed out; it cannot be determined which since the reproduction is black and white]

[handwritten: points 113, 114, 116, 117, and 118 are in classified storage]

113. Concerning Xinjiang oil.

Propose the development of oil near our border under the guise of Xinjiang production.

Charge the NK[I]D with submitting a draft of specific proposals together with the NKID after the arrival of a geological commission from Xinjiang.

Excerpts have been sent [to]:

Cdes. Krestinsky, Stomonyakov, and Pyatakov.

114. Concerning the instruction of Xinjiang youth.

Offer 15 places each in agricultural educational institutions of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan for Xinjiang youth, suggesting the Kazakhstan Kray Committee, Cde. Mirzoyan, and the CC of the Uzbek Communist Party, Cde. Ikramov, ensure proper facilities for the students.

Excerpts have been sent [to]:

Cdes. Krestinsky and Stomonyakov,

[and] Mirzoyan and Ikramov (by cipher).


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