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June 17, 1936


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    The Politburo reduces the import plan for Xinjiang after a cattle plague and poor cotton harvest, while ordering the export plans to remain at their current level.
    "Concerning Soviet Trade with Xinjiang," June 17, 1936, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, RGASPI f. 17, op. 162, d. 19, l. 195-196. Obtained by Jamil Hasanli and translated by Gary Goldberg.
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[handwritten at the top of the page: from Minutes Nº 40 of the Politburo meeting of 27 June 1936


Points 264 and 265 are in classified storage

surveys [[of Politburo members]] of 17 June 1936]


264. - Concerning the training of Xinjiang youth in the USSR

Permit the acceptance of a new group of 100 Xinjiang youth in the Administrative Law Faculty of Central Asian State University in the autumn of 1936 on the same basis as in 1934 and 1936.

Excerpts have been sent to:

Cdes. Stomonyakov, Milyutin, Miroshnikov, and the CC of Uzbekistan.

265. Concerning trade with Xinjiang.

1. Reduce the import plan for Xinjiang for 1936 in connection with the great cattle plague in 1936 and the poor cotton harvest in 1935:

a) from 2,000 tons of cotton to 1,000 tons (by 1,095,000 rubles);

b) for small livestock, from 350,000 head to 250,000 head (by 1,530,000 rubles);

c) for wool, from 5,475 tons to 4,675 tons (by 903,000 rubles).

2. Increase the import plan for Xinjiang for intestines by 300,000 bundles [puchki] (by 525,000 rubles).

3. Hold the Narkomvneshtorg responsible for not reducing the export plan for Xinjiang for 1936 and for using the export commodity stocks of 3,000,000 rubles released in connection with the reduction of the import plan at the planned prices franco border [franko-granitsa] for:

a) the sale of 1,300,000 rubles' of goods on the Xinjiang market and the transfer to the Urumqi government against the two-million military loan (8,760,000 rubles at the new rate) with a reduction by this same amount of the payments for this loan in hard currency stipulated by the 10 February 1936 Politburo decree;

b) an increase of payments for the loan of 5,000,000 rubles (21,900,000 rubles at the new rate) for road construction, and the support of medical posts, veterinary stations, and Soviet instructors for medical and agricultural questions - 1,700,000 rubles.

4. In the event it is impossible to fully carry out an additional sale of goods for the amounts specified in point 3, permit the NKVT to increase the remainder of the export goods against the norms specified for the Xinjiang export plan for 1936 accordingly.

Excerpts have been sent:

to Cdes. Rozengol'ts, Stomonyakov, Miroshnikov, and Grin'ko.



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