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March 07, 1941


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    The Soviet Politburo approves the Narkomtsvetmet's 1941 work plan for the Sin'tszyanolovo concession and outlines the tasks related to the concession for which the NKVD, NKO, Civil Air Fleet, Narkomtsvetmet, and the Council of Ministers are respectively responsible.
    "Concerning the Sin'tszyanolovo Concession in Xinjiang," March 07, 1941, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, RGASPI f.17 op.162 d.32 , l.115-116. Obtained by Jamil Hasanli and translated by Gary Goldberg.
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RGASPI f.17 op.162 d.32 , l.115-116

[handwritten: from Minutes Nº 28

VKP(b) Politburo decisions between 25 February and 15 March 1940

point 141 is in classified storage]

from 7 March 1941


141. Concerning the approval of the work of the Sin'tszyanolovo concession by Narkomtsvetmet for 1941

(USSR SNK and VKP(b) CC Decree)

The USSR Council of People's Commissars and the VKP(b) Central Committee decree:

1. Approve the work plan for the concession of Sin'tszyanolovo for 1941 submitted by Narkomtsvetmet (Attachment).

2. Hold the USSR Industrial Bank responsible for financing the Sin'tszyanolovo concession for 1940 without the submission of drafts [or] estimates.

3. Hold the Main Directorate of the Civil Air Fleet under the USSR Council of People's Commissars responsible for allocating one RP-5 aircraft with a complete set of spare parts for the Sin'tszyanolovo concession by 15 April 1941.

4. Hold the People's Commissariat of Defense (the Main Directorate of the Air Forces of the Red Army) responsible for allocating two new M-17f engines to the Main Directorate of the Civil Air Fleet for the Sin'tszyanolovo concession's aircraft by 1 April 1941.

5. Permit Narkomtsvetmet to deliver fuel and lubricants for the Sin'tszyanolovo concession to Xinjiang via Narkomvneshtorg.

6. Hold the Narkomehlektroprom [the People's Commissariat of the Electrical Industry] responsible for allocating three radios of the 11 AK "Lada" type with a full set of spare parts for the Sin'tszyanolovo concession by 1 May 1941.

7. Hold the USSR NKVD responsible:

a) documenting the 260 engineering and technical, administrative and managerial, and other officials being assigned to Xinjiang for work in the Sin'tszyanolovo concession upon submission by Narkomtsvetmet;

b) issuing permission for the delivery from the USSR of weapons, ammunition, and explosive materials for the needs of the Sin'tszyanolovo concession; the USSR NKVD is also to set the amount of the weapons and ammunition that Narkomtsvetmet needs;

c) permit Narkomtsvetmet the installation of three radios at the concession for operational management of the work of the concession, and also issue the appropriate cipher for communications.

8. Hold Narkomrechflot [The People's Commissariat of the Merchant Marine] responsible for shipping freight to the concession in accordance with the requests of Narkomtsvetmet, primarily via the Irtysh River.

9. Put the Altay expedition of the Committee for Geological Matters under the USSR Council of Ministers under the authority of the Sin'tszyanolovo concession. Move [the accounts] from one balance sheet to another as of 1 January 1941 in accordance with the USSR Council of People's Commissars Decree Nº 254 of 15 February 1936.

10. Reserve the percentage bonuses and the housing which they have received from the previous work locations for the workers of the Sin'tszyanolovo concession being assigned from the USSR.

11. Hold the Narkomtsvetmet and Narkomfin responsible for determining the necessary money needed for the organization of the concession and the production of geological exploration work in 1941 within 10 days and with submitting proposals for the approval of the USSR Council of People's Commissars.

Excerpts have been sent:

to Cdes. Lomako, Beria, Mikoyan, and Chadayev [- all];

to Cde. Grossman - 2, to Cde. Molokov - 3, 4, to Cde. Timoshenko - 4, to Cde. Bogatyrev - 6, to Cde. Malenkov - 7-a, to Cde. Shashkov - 8, to Cde. Malyshev - (the Committee for Geology) - 9, and Cde. Zverev - 10, 11.



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