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August 23, 1945


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    Report on the surrender of Japanese forces on the Kurile Islands.
    "Cable from Aleksandr Vasilevsky [?] to Stalin," August 23, 1945, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, Library of Congress, Manuscript Division, Dmitriń≠ Antonovich Volkogonov papers, 1887-1995, mm97083838, Reel 5, containers 7 through 9. Translated by Sergey Radchenko.
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Personally to Cde. Stalin

Copy: Cde. Bulganin

Cde. Antonov

Reporting the situation at 12 hours on 23 August 45, [illegible] time, in the zone of the Kurile Islands and Sakhalin Island.

By the order of the main Japanese headquarters in accordance with my demands [put forward] through general Hata, the capitulation of Japanese forces in the northern part of the Kurile Islands began en masse from the morning of 23.8. Capitulation is directed by Japanese Lieutenant General Tsutsumi-Fusan, who commands the defense of this part of the islands. According to the plan approved by us, the island of Simusyu [Shumshu] and the northern half of Paramushir Island must be fully occupied in the course of 23.8; on 24.8—the southern half of Paramushir Island and on 25.8—the group of small islands located immediately to the south of the island of Paramushir.

According to a statement by general Tsutsumi, in all up to 16 thousand Japanese soldiers and officers will be handed over to us here.

Today at 15 hours when meeting our general [illegible] with general Tsutsumi, intentions of the commander of the defense of the southern part of the Kurile Islands were clarified, and the demand of immediate capitulation was presented to him. According to a statement by general Hata, Japanese forces here also received the order concerning capitulation.

Simultaneously, from today’s morning, the air force of the POF together with the [illegible] intelligence of the southern part of the Kurile Islands with the task of making contact with the commander of defense and agree with him on capitulation from the morning of 23.8. [Illegible] POF [Pacific Ocean Forces] [illegible] approaches by sea to the aforesaid islands [.] During the night of 24.8 command of the POF is to dispatch a group of military ships with landing troops.

With the arrival of two rifle divisions from the 87th rifle corps on Sakhalin, one of them will be sent to secure the southern islands under our control.

At the same time we continue to [illegible] prepare the operation to take these islands in combat.

On Sakhalin Island the main forces of [illegible number] Japanese divisions in the southern part of the island are beginning capitulation today. Purkaev was charged with the categorical task of finishing the clearing of the entire island by the morning of 25.8.

After the final occupation of Sakhalin Island and with the arrival in its [illegible] of the 87th rifle corps of the 1st Far Eastern front, the division line between the 1st and the 2nd Far Eastern front is to be drawn a little to the north of the line [extending from] port Maoka [to] Toyohara in order to prepare [illegible] for subsequent operations in southern Sakhalin, or relying on them, firmly secure the Southern Kurile Island chain under our control.

Operation on Hokkaido will be [illegible] only after your additional order, until which time not a single ship will be sent there.


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