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November 26, 1945


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    Petrov reports on the anti-Soviet mood in Northeast China and elsewhere around the country.
    "Cable No. 825/826 from Petrov in Chongqing on Anti-Soviet Campaign in Manchuria," November 26, 1945, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, RGASPI, f. 558, op. 11, d. 328, ll. 1-3. Translated for CWIHP by Gary Goldberg.
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[handwritten at the top: "2025 N 12236" and some illegible letters/initials]



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from Chongqing Nº 32698 700 27/November 1945 copy Nº 3


Spets. NºNº 825 826

The anti-Soviet campaign in connection with Manchuria continues. Rumors are being floated in public circles and in the press about some "Soviet demands" to the right to control industrial and mining enterprises "not indicated in the Soviet-Chinese treaty" which were supposedly presented to Xiong Shigui [SIC, perhaps Xiong Shihui was intended]. It is also reported that the Soviet side proposed that three large hydroelectric power plants and arsenals in Manchuria be under joint Soviet-Chinese management. Newspapers chatter about some "26 demands" which now have been reduced to 16 as a result of "talks", etc.

On 25 November authorities organized a rally of Manchurian fellow countrymen in Chongqing at which previously unknown representatives of "the Manchurian people" were present. On 26 November the newspaper Yishi Bao published a report about this rally under these headlines: "Manchuria should be completely returned to China in accordance with the declaration of the Cairo Conference. Talks cannot go beyond the bounds of the Soviet-Chinese treaty. Let the USSR not use Communist troops for the secession of Manchuria". The following proposals were discussed and adopted at the rally:

"1. Ask the government to send a note to the Soviet Union that all questions be decided in strict accordance with the text and spirit of the Chinese-Soviet friendship treaty. Our country will not discuss any other demands.

2. Ask the government to hold the Chinese-Soviet talks on the Manchurian question with the maximum possible openness, giving the people an opportunity to understand the events and to express their own views.

3. Ask the government for the principles of equality, reciprocity, and sovereignty to serve as the basis of the Chinese-Soviet talks on the Manchurian question.

4. Address a telegram to Generalissimo Stalin and People's Commissar Molotov in the name of the rally which points out the following factors:

a) The popular masses of Manchuria hope to live in peace with all countries, deal with them as equals, especially with the friendly Soviet Union located next to them;

b) Right now our country needs peace and unity, and anyone who aids peace and unity is a friend of China;

c) We hope that in the spirit of Chinese-Soviet friendship the Soviet Union will help the central government in work to welcome Manchuria;

d) We hope that the Soviet Union will not hand over military materials to any groups or parties opposing the government and disrupting unity;

e) We hope that the Soviet troops deployed in the region will not allow forcible seizures by any armed groups undermining unity.

5. We ask the government to send troops faster, and to publish an order about punitive measures against traitors who cause disorder in Manchuria in order to bring order there and to create favorable conditions to welcome Manchuria.

6. Reports have recently appeared in the press that small irresponsible elements in Manchuria are convening a so-called  "congress of people's representatives" and creating a so-called "government of self-rule", and undertaking other illegal actions. In the name of the 30 million Manchurian people this rally should address a telegram to all countries vigorously denouncing these actions".

A special resolution of protest against the proposals of the Communist press about the creation of local self-rule in Manchuria was adopted at the rally.

10 copies. vp.

26 November 1945 PETROV

sent 27/November 1310

vyp. Plotnikov

Authenticated: [illegible initials]