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May 07, 1986


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    This document details the various forms of radiation protection undertaken in and around the city of Kiev following the Chernobyl disaster.
    "Minutes of Meeting of the Operative Group of the Kiev Party City Committee Office, 7 May 1986," May 07, 1986, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, HDA SBU, f. 11, spr. 992, t. 32. Originally published by the Center for Research into the Liberation Movement (TsDVR) together with the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv at
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Copy # 7 [6 is crossed out and 7 is handwritten]


Minutes of meeting of the Operative Group of the Kiev Party City Committee Office

7 May 1986

Chairperson Comrade V.A. Zgurskii

In attendance:

Members of the Operative Group:

Comrades N.N. Sergeiev, N.V. Lavrukhin, V.I. Mikhailovskii, L.N. Iakovleva, L.V. Bykhov, A.V. Vasilishin

Invited Guests:

Comrades V.N. Kocherga, A.P. Martynenko, V.R. Savchuk, E.I. Onishchenko, G.N. Menzheres, E.A. Iasinskii, V.F. Zernetskii, N.V. Fedorenko


1. For the decontamination of the territory of the districts, to organize a massive, repeated cleaning of streets, sidewalks, and public spaces. To clean lawns, bushes, and trees in the Pechersk, Lenin, and Shevchenko districts at night from the 7th to the 8th of May of this year. To organize this work in other districts. To devote special attention to the cleaning of streets and sidewalks in the Levoberezhe districts.

To keep in mind in doing this that all open spaces, metro station entrances, and other units of mass use by people must be systematically / multiple times per day / cleaned.

For this purpose, to deploy street cleaning brigades of enterprises, organizations, and institutions of the housing system, local Councils, and agencies by the district headquarters of the Citizens’ Defense. To include the necessary equipment from enterprises and organizations.

Comrades N.V. Lavrukhin, E.A. Iasinkskii, A.V. Fedorenko, district headquarters of the Citizens’ Defense.

2. To organize effective inspection by directors of enterprises, organizations, and institutions, street cleaners, and other services from the first point in this report with the forces of workers from the special department for improvement and divisional police inspectors.

Comrades V.I. Malashenko, A.V. Vasilishin, directors of the Citizens’ Defense in the districts

3. To take measures to launch active systems to deliver water to public apartment buildings.

Comrades E.A. Iasinskii, P.I. Petimko

4. To complete work to make the systems for water delivery that are currently under construction ready for use in as short a period of time as possible. To organize work around the clock.

Comrades A.P. Martynenko, A.F. Siletskii

5. To forbid people to remain for long periods of time on beaches, parks, and wooded recreation areas in order to prevent the public from coming into contact with areas of soil, grass, or plants that are contaminated with radioactive residue.

Comrades N.V. Lavrukhin, G.E. Belokopytov, A.F. Davidenko

6. To tighten sanitary oversight in the bottling processes of dairy, fruit juice, and mineral water. To take measures to maximize the load of technological lines of pouring dairy products into bags.

To increase the level of sanitary control in stores. To organize a brigade of specialists, to selectively inspect one store on this point and develop instructions based on the results for observing the sanitary regime under the given conditions in all remaining stores.

To ensure the sale of baked goods in packaging. To not ensure bread is not provided without this form of protection.

To inspect the sanitary conditions / as relates to the current situation / of production, transport, and sale of bread along the entire technological chain.

Comrades L.Ia. Iakovleva, V.R. Savchuk, M.G. Shandala, V.S. Timofeiev, I.G. Dvornik

7. To provide free food to personnel of all checkpoints at the entrances into the city, to be paid for from the city budget. For the UVD [Administration of Internal Affairs] to transfer responsibility for relocation of all checkpoints to comrade V.R. Savchuk.

Comrades V.R. Savchuk, A.V. Vasilishin, A.V. Fedorenko

8. To place an additional number of checkpoints at the entrances to the city.

Comrades A.V. Vasilishin, A.V. Fedorenko

9. To require the Citizens’ Defense headquarters to organize free food at the expense of the enterprises to the personnel of groups formed under the Citizens’ Defense for the completion of work.

Comrade A.F. Fedorenko, directors of the district Citizens’ Defense

10. In connection with possibility that there has been speculation in tickets to leave Kiev, to take urgent measures to prevent the use of personal automobile transport for the purpose of making profits and to bring those guilty to justice according to the law. To inform of the results.

Comrade A.V. Vasilishin

11. To provide strict dosage measuring inspection on outgoing bus lines and take appropriate measures to decontaminate them.

Comrades V.N. Kocherga, A.V. Fedorenko

12. To present information about the decrease of the population from Kiev by all forms of transport on a daily basis at 19:00 to the Operative Group.

Comrades V.N. Kocherga, V.G. Terpilo

13. To note that the Operative Group of Politburo of the Communist Party of Ukraine’s CK [Central Committee] granted the request of the general directors of the Maiak and Oktava production unions, Comrades Atonov and Tuzov, and gave its agreement to place workers evacuated with their families from the districts of Chernobyl from the “Jupiter” and “Generator” branches, under the condition that the unions will take upon themselves all questions of employment, placement, and necessary domestic arrangements.

Comrade N.V. Lavrukhin

14. To take measures to unconditionally provide timely payments of salaries to workers and services of the city’s enterprises.

Comrade E.I. Onishchenko

15. Under [Handwritten: special] necessity, as per agreement with workers’ unions, to introduce a Special Work Schedule for enterprises and organizations with extension of the workday. If necessary, to decide on questions of additional allocation of salary funds / to work on these questions and find acceptable solutions/ .

Comrade E.I. Onishchenko

16. To categorically forbid drying laundry in the open air. To strengthen control over obedience of this requirement.

Comrades E.A. Iasinskii, V.I. Malashenko

17. To agree with the proposal to organize provision of natural food products that are in higher demand for the May holidays to a special contingent / handicapped and veterans of WWII and other categories / with the exclusion of canned meats, and sweetened and condensed milk, which could be used in the future to feed children.

Comrades L.N. Iakovleva, V.R. Savchuk

18. To develop special instructions for the sale of vegetables and to provide them to all produce stores of the city.

Comrades V.R. Savchuk and M.G. Shandala

19. To organize on the premises of railroad stations, bus stations, and airports the additional sale of water and basic necessary foods / covered in cellophane / in packaged form and in accordance with sanitary standards.

Comrades V.R. Savchuk, V.N. Kocherga

20. To prepare an order to the headquarters of the Citizens’ Defense on the necessity of conducting nonstop cleaning with water on the premises of public spaces / metro, railroad stations, enterprises, institutions, organizations / and to organize inspection of the carrying out of this order.

Comrades A.V. Fedorenko, V.I. Malashenko

21. To prepare a letter to Comrade E.V. Kachalovskii on the allocation of 50 street cleaning machines.

Comrade E.A. Iasinskii

22. To organize washing stations at the headquarters of the Citizens’ Defense for decontamination of bus transport at the entrances to Kiev from the direction of Borispol and Obukhov.

Comrades A.V. Fedorenko and A.V. Vasilishin

23. To work on the question of allocating fire engines for the cleaning of trees, with the consideration of using agency fire engines. Also include the possibility of fire engines from the UVD’s [Administration of Internal Affairs] Administration of Fire Safety for this purpose.

Comrades A.V Vasilishin, and directors of Citizens’ Defense in the districts

24. To resolve the question of additional spaces for temporary storage of contaminated clothing.

Comrades V.R. Savchuk and A.V. Fedorenko



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