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May 12, 1986


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    The document lists public responses to Chernobyl, citing a Ukrainian professor who attributed the accident to a Russian desire to exterminate Ukrainians, former members of underground Ukrainian Nationalist movements (OUN) expressing sympathy to those affected, and how several truck drivers refused to drive in area of the plant, choosing to quit their jobs instead.
    "Untitled notice on public attitudes toward the Chernobyl accident ," May 12, 1986, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, HDA SBU, f. 11, spr. 992, t. 29. Originally published by the Center for Research into the Liberation Movement (TsDVR) together with the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv at
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According to information from an intelligence source, a professor at the veterinary faculty of the USKhA [Ukrainian Agricultural Academy], Grigorii Nikolaevich Kalinovskii, born in 1938, a native of Lvov Oblast, Ukrainian, and member of the CPSU, declared in a conversation with N.K. Pototskii, a fellow professor at the Agricultural Academy: “These katsapy [from Ukr. "butcher" -- ethnic slur for Russians] didn’t starve out the Ukrainians 1933, [so] now they want to do it with the atom.”


G.N. Kalinovskii is a pro-nationalist, and is trying to take students from the Western regions of Ukraine under his care.


Former members of the Banderite-OUN [Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists] underground, Nikolai Gerasimovich Glukhen’kii, (native of Cherkassi Oblast, residing in the city of Fastov in Kiev Oblast, a pensioner) and Vladimir Ivanovich Kosovskii, (born in 1923, native and resident of the village of Veprik in the Fastov District of Kiev Oblast, also a pensioner), in a conversation with an operative source expressed regret over what happened at the Chernobyl atomic energy station, and spoke with pain about those injured and killed.


According to a message from an operative source on the 12th of May this year, four drivers from Automotive Transport 11067 in the city of Ivankov: Ivan Afanas’evich Gritsaenko (born in 1938, native and resident of the village Pirogovicha in Ivankov District, no party affiliation, Ukrainian); Mikhail Denisovich Gritsaenko (born in 1928, native and resident of the village of Pirogovicha in Ivankov District, no party affiliation, Ukrainian); Anton Mikhailovich Iakimenko (born 1938, native and resident of the village of Obukhovicha in Ivankov District, no party affiliation, Ukrainian); and Nikolai Iakovlevich Iakubenko (born in 1938, native of the village of Fenevicha in Ivankov District, no party affiliation, Ukrainian, resident of Rudnia Tal’skaia in the same district), all refused to drive cargo into the area of the city of Chernobyl. As a result of explanatory work that was carried out N.Ia. Iakubenko was sent away. M.D. Gritsaenko wrote a declaration of resignation of his own volition. I.A. Gritsaenko and A.M. Iakimenko left work of their own will and left the establishment.


The Ivankov District Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine is informed on this fact by order of which the administration and automotive transport trade union committee is conducting an investigation.


[Handwritten: 12.V.86]


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