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July 08, 1980


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    The CPSU Central Committee resolves to increase support for propaganda activities in Iran following the increase of Western radio transmissions into the country.
    "Resolution of the Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, 'On the Strengthening of Informational and Propaganda Work in Iran'," July 08, 1980, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, RGANI, f. 89, op.39, d.6, ll. 1-3. Contributed by Roham Alvandi and translated by Richard Iserman.
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218/6s from 8.VII.1980



of the Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union

On the strengthening of informational and propaganda work in Iran

Because of the activation of imperialist propaganda in Iran by an increased number of American and other Western radio transmissions to Iran, in which the domestic and foreign policies of the Soviet Union are being distorted, and taking into account the strengthening of activity hostile to the Soviet Union by reactionary Iranian circles, in which some within the ruling circles and clergy are participating, the CPSU Central Committee considers it necessary to take additional measures for informational and propaganda work directed at Iran. [In the text a word has been struck out. The original text reads, "...measures to strengthen informational and propaganda work directed at Iran." The text immediately following has been struck out as well: "Presuming that these measures must contribute to:" Instead the following has been inserted:]

The CPSU Central Committee resolves:

1. To direct the International Department and Department of Domestic Political Propaganda of the CPSU Central Committee to conduct necessary coordination of activity on the strengthening of propaganda directed at Iran, keeping in mind that these activities must ensure:

[This is the end of the insertion.]

-Uncovering the policies of the USA's imperialist circles and the forces of Iranian reactionism;

-Development of general democratic tendencies and reinforcement [Inserted: "of the country"] of anti-imperialist positions and Iran's non-alignment;

-Broadly informing the Iranian community about the policies of the Soviet Union, providing support and aid to the Iranian people and defense of its sovereignty and national unity.

[The following has been struck out: "To conduct measures in implementation of this Resolution in consideration of the development of the political situation in Iran and possibilities as they materialize. The CPSU Central Committee Resolves:

1. To direct the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Azerbaijan to consider the question of strengthening informational work directed at Iranian Azerbaijan, as well as the development of contacts with relevant Iranian community organizations and press organs, considering the growing interest in Iranian Azerbaijan about life in the Soviet Union and cultural and scientific connections to the Azerbaijan SSR"

Instead, the following has been inserted in handwriting:]

All of this informational work must be built in consideration of the development of the political situation in Iran and the status of Soviet-Iranian relations. It should be taken into consideration that the content of [illegible] and radio transmissions, as well as basic propaganda materials are subject to operative approval in established order.

2. To adopt the proposal of Central Committee of the Communist Party of Uzbekistan to increase foreign broadcasts from Tashkent in Farsi from one hour to 24.

3. To direct the USSR's Gosteleradio and Ministry of Communications, together with the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Azerbaijan to study the question of increasing the time of broadcasting from Baku in Farsi, as well as the possibility of broadening the radius of reception of Soviet television transmissions to the territory of Iran, and to act upon the appropriate resolution.

4. To permit TASS to conduct, with the agreement of the Iranian side, talks with the "PARS" information agency and to sign a new agreement on bilateral cooperation, keeping in mind the rental of the Moscow-Teheran telegraph line together with "PARS"; to transform the newspaper office in Teheran into a department of TASS consisting of a department director and two correspondents from the current staff

5. To direct the press agency "News," in cooperation with the Institute of Eastern Studies of the USSR Academy of Sciences, to prepare a brochure on the relations of the Soviet Union with Islam and print it in Farsi, Arabic, and other languages of Muslim countries; if there are questions from Iran, to invite to the USSR up to 5 journalists from central newspapers and Iranian press organs with positive views in relation to the Soviet Union, for the purpose of familiarizing them with the life of the Soviet people in the Republics of the Caucasus and Central Asia.

6. To direct the USSR State Committee on Television and Radio Broadcasting to implement a number of television and radio programs with Iranian television and radio, with agreement from the Iranian side.

7. To direct the USSR State Committee on Publishing, Printing, and the Book Trade, through the "International Book" organization, to publish socio-political literature in Farsi and Azerbaijani in Arabic and Cyrillic alphabets, dictionaries, and study aids for the learning of Farsi and the learning of Russian by Iranians; to invite ten specialists from Iran in consultant with the USSR Ministry of Internal Affairs for translation work at Soviet publications.

8. To direct the USSR State Committee on Cinema to produce at the expense of the SSOD [Union of Soviet Communities of Friendship] 10-15 Soviet artistic historic revolutionary and documentary films in Farsi and send them to Iran starting in September, 1980 for use by communities to rental out.

9. To direct the USSR Ministry of Culture to release records and cassette tapes through the Azerbaijani SSR Council of Ministers with national music (with a total release number of up to 1,000 copies) for their distribution in Iran through the channels of the "International Book" organization and SSOD.