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January 16, 1971


This document was made possible with support from the Youmna and Tony Asseily

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    Report on a conference of Arab Communist parties, held to discuss the political situation in the Middle East and a list of those in attendance.
    "Meeting of Arab Communist Parties in Damascus," January 16, 1971, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, Emir Farid Chehab Collection, GB165-0384, Box 10, File 37B/10, Middle East Centre Archive, St Antony’s College, Oxford.
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Meeting of Arab Communist Parties in Damascus

On 16 January 1971, a large Conference of Arab Communist Parties was held in Damascus with the aim of finding a joint action formula for all Communist Parties in the Arab countries.

They had first agreed to hold this Conference on 8/1/1971, but postponed it to the above date on account of the new rift within the ranks of the Jordanian Communist Party.

Khaled Beikdache, Secretary General of the Syrian Communist Party, opened the Conference on the 16th, and it ended on 21/1/1971 at the home of an individual by the name of Murad al-Kouatly in the Ghouta of Damascus.

The agenda included the following:

First: The situation in Syria as seen in light of the new changes on the ground, and the best means of involving the communists in the government.

Second: Events in Jordan and their fallout, and their repercussions on Lebanon and Syria in light of the prevalent political atmosphere.

Third: The situation in Lebanon after the presidential elections, and the impact of the monopoly on power.

Fourth: The situation in Sudan after the hysterical campaign against nationalist and progressive forces, chief among which are the communists.

Fifth: The situation in Iraq and the best ways to stage a successful coup against the status quo.

Attending the Conference were the following:

The Jordanian Communist Party (represented by Fouad Nassar).

The Syrian Communist Party (represented by Khaled Beikdache).

The Iraqi Communist Party (represented by Majed Abdel-Rahman).

The Lebanese Communist Party (represented by Nicolas al-Chaoui).

Attending the Conference as observer guests were:

The Communist Party in the Republic of Yemen – North

The Communist Party in the Popular and Democratic Republic of Yemen – South

The Communist Party in the Republic of Sudan

The Communist Party in the Republic of Algeria

The Communist Party in the Republic of Tunisia (Mohammad Hermel)

The Communist Party in the Kingdom of Morocco

Communist organisations in the Arabian Gulf

Communist organisations in the Arabian Peninsula - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The Communist Party Organisation in Kuwait

Attached is part of this Conference's documents; I can get hold of other documents if they are of interest to you.

These documents are:

The communists' agenda in Tunisia - Algeria - Morocco.

The communists' action plan in Libya.

The communists' action plan in the Gulf and in the Arabian Peninsula;

The communists' action plan in Sudan.

Action plan of the communists' and al-Ansar forces in Jordan.

Means of establishing direct contact with communists in Israel.

Establishment of a permanent Arab communist bureau in Damascus.

List of communist representatives attending the Communist Party Conference which was held in Damascus on 21 January 1971, at the home of a man by the name of Nurad al-Kouatly in the Ghouta:

The Syrian Communist Parry:

Khaled Beikdache, Secretary General of the Syrian Communist Party.

Ibrahim Bakri, Politburo member, member of the People’s Assembly.

Khaled Hammami, Politburo member, member of the People's Assembly.

Yousef Faisal, Politburo member, Minister of State.

Abdel-Karim ‘Addi central committee member, member of the People's Assembly and of the Regional Command Council.

Murad al-Kouatly, central committee member.

The Jordanian Communist Party:

Fouad Nassar, Secretary General of the Jordanian Communist Party.

Ahmad al-Bakkour, Politburo member, Secretary General of al-Ansar.

The Lebanese Communist Party:

Rafic Samhoun, candidate to the Politburo membership.

Fadl Hallab, central committee member.

The Sudanese Communist Party:

Taher Abdel-Baset, Politburo member.

Omar Mostapha al-Makki, Politburo member.

The Saudi Communist Party:

Abdel-Rahman Ali, Secretary of External Organisation, Cairo Centre.

The Moroccan Communist Party:

Al-Riya’i Mohammad, Politburo member.

The North Yemen Communist Organisation:

Ali Awad Ahmad, President of the Popular Resistance.

The South Yemen Communist Organisation:

Abdullah Bazeeb, Secretary General of the Youth Communist Union – government minister.

The Communist Party Organisations in the Arabian Gulf:

Suleiman Jumaa; Oman and Dhofar; inside Oman.

The Tunisian Communist Party:

Mohammad Hermel, Secretary General of the Communist Party

The Algerian Communist Party:

Jaafar Mostapha, Politburo member.


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