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January 31, 1961


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    A brief conversation concerning a North Vietnamese request for Chinese assistance with an aerial survey. Zhou and Nguyen Duy Trinh also discuss Chinese and Polish economic aid to the DRV.
    "Record of Conversation from Premier Zhou Enlai’s Reception of Vietnamese Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Duy Trinh," January 31, 1961, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, PRC FMA 106-00602-02, 18-19. Translated by Stephen Mercado.
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Document Collection No. 88               Classification: Secret

Destroy after reading                         Pass to section chiefs within Ministry

Foreign Ministry File

General Office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs  

Printed and distributed on 8 February 1961

Record of Conversation from Premier Zhou Enlai’s Reception of Vietnamese Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Duy Trinh

(Premier Zhou has not yet reviewed)

Time: 8:30 p. m., 31 January 1961

Location: Anhui Hall, Great Hall of the People

Interpreter, recorder: Zhang Dewei

Premier Zhou at the banquet discussed with Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Duy Trinh the following two issues:

(1) Regarding the issue of the Vietnamese side’s request that our country help to build a paper mill next to the Van Diem Sugar Mill, aided by Poland:

Premier Zhou asked whether Vietnam had discussed with the Polish comrades the issue of adding a paper mill next to the sugar mill and what their view was.

The Deputy Prime Minister said that Vietnam considers necessary the construction of a paper mill next to the Van diem Sugar Mill, built with Polish aid, in order to make good use of the sugar mill’s sugar cane bagasse to make paper. In talks with Poland, on several occasions we requested that the Polish side aid in its construction, but the Polish side repeatedly offered the excuse that they were unable to undertake it. At present Poland has clearly told us that they cannot help build it. Because of this, we now turn to China to request that China help build it.

Premier Zhou said that if this were the case, we can consider helping you build it and can come to a decision on concrete issues following detailed study and consultations between our Economic Representative’s Office in Vietnam and your relevant parties.

(2) Regarding the issue of the Vietnamese side’s request that our country help in conducting an aerial survey and mapping of all of North Vietnam:

Premier Zhou said that we have undertaken a detailed examination of the issue of aerial survey and mapping. We cannot help you do it in the first half of this year. In addition to the tension and security issue in Laos, another reason is that our present technical capabilities and equipment are still in a difficult situation. If the Vietnamese side really needs to do it, we must look at the situation again in the latter half of the year, and both sides will again discuss it.

Deputy Prime Minister said that he would inform Hanoi of Premier Zhou’s views.

 Carbon copies: [Zhou] Enlai; [Deng] Xiaoping; Peng Zhen; [Li] Fuchun; [Li] Xiannian; [Bo] Yibo; [Wang] Jiaxiang; [Yang] Shangkun; Office of Confidential Secretaries, Central Committee; Office of Foreign Affairs (5); International Liaison Department, Central Committee (5); Ministry of Foreign Trade; State Planning Commission; State Economic Commission; State Surveying and Mapping Bureau; PLA Air Force Headquarters Department; General Administration of Civil Aviation of China; Ministry of Light Industry

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Total number of copies printed: 42

Received on 6 February 1961                 Submitted for printing on 7 February 1961