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November 16, 1945


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    Letter to the Soviet Ambassador in China instructing him to present a note to Chinese Minister Wang Shijie assuring him that the Soviets are upholding and will continue to uphold the Soviet-Chinese agreement and are providing no assistance to the Chinese communists.
    "Note to the Soviet Ambassador in China," November 16, 1945, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, RGASPI, f. 558, op. 11, d. 98, ll. 0145-0146. Contributed by Sergey Radchenko and translated by Gary Goldberg.
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[handwritten in the upper-left corner: I approve. Reported to Molotov on 16 November 1945]

Visit Wang Shijie and present him with a note with this content:

“Dear Mr. Minister,

In connection with the statement made to me on 13 November, at the instructions of the Soviet Government I inform you that the report that allegedly one of the airfields of Changchun is occupied by Communist Chinese units and supposedly cannot be used by the forces of the Chinese Government does not correspond to reality. In reality, the airfield in Changchun can be used by the forces of the Chinese Government. Chinese government forces can deplane in Mukden and Changchun without hindrance, and proper assistance will be given by the Soviet Command.

The Soviet Government also considers it necessary to state that the Soviet Military Command, strictly observing the Soviet-Chinese agreement, has not given and is not giving any assistance to the Communist units in Manchuria. In strict accordance with the aforementioned Soviet-Chinese agreement and punctually holding to the evacuation plan of the Soviet troops from Manchuria, and it was reported to Gen. Xiong Shigui, the representative of the Chinese Government, by the Soviet Military Command in a timely manner that Soviet troops are being withdrawn from Manchuria.

As regards your statement that Chinese Communists are active in some regions which were left in view of the evacuation by Soviet troops, this does not depend on the Soviet Command in Manchuria and is the result of the fact that the authorities of the Chinese Government have evidently not occupied a position in these regions. It is worth pointing out in this respect that during the discussions about the Soviet-Chinese agreement the representatives of the Chinese Government insisted that on accelerated timeframes for the evacuation of Soviet troops from Manchuria. If, however, the Chinese Government now thinks it advisable to delay the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Manchuria for some time then the Soviet Government might delay the withdrawal of its troops for one month or, if this is necessary, for two months.

Accept etc. [my assurances of my highest regards]”.

Confirm receipt.

Telegraph [when] this is done.

Received via VCh

16 November 1945