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May 07, 1984


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    Notes on a conversation about Stasi (MfS) support for the Communist Party of Turkey and People's Party of Iran (Tudeh) through consultations, training, and protection for leaders living and operating in East Germany.
    "Lieutenant-Colonel Otto, 'Conversation Memo' ," May 07, 1984, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, BStU, MfS, HA II, Nr. 28586, 287-288. Obtained by Roham Alvandi.
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Berlin, 7.5.1984

Conversation Memo

In connection with the notes written above by the Director of the Main Department XX and with the request submitted by Gen. Umbreit, employee of the International Relations Department of the SED Central Committee, to support the leadership of the Turkish CP and the Tudeh Party (Iran), a consultation was held on 7.5.1984 in Department IV.

The conversation was led by Gen. Etzrot and Gen. Umbreit.

These comrades took the representative place of Gen. Fries as appropriate functionaries responsible for the illegal activities of Communist Parties.

It is fundamental to the comrades of Department IV to have a contact partners in the MfS with whom they can consult on all problems related to the security interests of Department IV of the SED Central Committee in cooperation with active foreign functionaries, in order to take necessary measures.

Such problems are considered to include:

-Oversight measures for foreign functionaries, contact partners, and fellow citizens living in the GDR
-Support activities for the schooling of foreign functionaries on questions of covert work, such as courier activities, among others
-Preparation of containers for the transport of news and information
-Introduction of protective and security measures for the leading functionaries and their covert objects within the territory of the GDR.

Appeals from the Secretary General of the Turkish CP as well as from the leading functionaries of the Iranian Tudeh Party are the primary basis for the request from Department IV of the SED’s Central Committee.

The Secretary General and other members of the Politburo of the Turkish CP have apartments and covert properties in Leipzig.

The Tudeh Party will soon obtain property in the area of Berlin.

It has been explained to the comrades in Department IV of the SED’s Central Committee that their suggestions will be passed along, and they will be made aware of determinations that have been made by the responsible comrades from the MFS.