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November 09, 1986


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    Prime Minister Nakasone gives a speech about his visit to China and his hopes for the continuation of a strong Sino-Japanese relationship.
    "Remarks of Prime Minister Nakasone at Luncheon Hosted by Premier Zhao Ziyang," November 09, 1986, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, 2017-0639, Act on Access to Information Held by Administrative Organs, published online by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, January 12, 2017. Translated by Stephen Mercado.
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Remarks of Prime Minister Nakasone at Luncheon Hosted by Premier Zhao Ziyang

November 9, 1986

Diaoyutai, Beijing

Your Excellency, Premier Zhao Ziyang,

Distinguished friends,

I would first like to express my heartfelt appreciation to Your Excellency, Premier Zhao, for hosting such a grand luncheon for me and, since my arrival yesterday in your country, to everyone in you country’s government for heartwarming hospitality and consideration.

I have long imagined visiting Beijing in the autumn, when “the sky is high and the air is fresh.” On this, my fifth visit to China, I have realized my dream of many years and am fully enjoying it. Seeing Beijing after a year and a half, I have truly noticed how it is both retaining features of the old capital and changing into an attractive and modern city.

While here, I have had the opportunity to meet various leaders of your country, starting with Your Excellency, Premier Zhao, and to engage in frank exchanges of opinion. It has already been 14 years since the normalization of diplomatic relations between Japan and China, and I truly think it marvelous that the top leaders of our two countries have accomplished such relations.  

Ladies and gentlemen:  

As Japan and China deepen their cooperative relationship in seeking prosperity together for the 21st century, there have emerged new concerns that require practical consideration. My dearest wish is that, with the Four Principles of relations between Japan and China serving as a lamp to light our way, we steadily solve these future concerns one by one and build a relationship of friendship and cooperation seldom seen between countries with different systems.

In your country there is a saying by Xunzi: “Therefore, if not accumulating small steps, one has no way to reach one thousand li.” Truly, we must advance the great undertaking of friendship between Japan and China in the spirit of these words. I will do everything I can to achieve this great task.

At yesterday’s foundation-laying ceremony for the China-Japan Youth Exchange Center, I met the youths and was able to see the lively look in their eyes. I would like to say here in particular that this has become an irreplaceable encouragement to my determination for friendship between Japan and China. With the cooperation of our two governments, shall we not splendidly complete this center and, meeting the enthusiastic expectations of the youths of our two countries, build an unwavering foundation of friendship?

Ladies and gentlemen:

I will leave here this afternoon and head home. It has been a short visit, but I would like to thank you again for the warm hospitality and friendship given me while in your country.

So, I would now like to propose a toast:

to the further prosperity of the People’s Republic of China,

to everlasting peace and friendship between Japan and China

to the health of Your Excellency, Premier Zhao Ziyang,

to the health of everyone here,

let us raise our glasses.



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