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December 05, 1977


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    An action plan concerning intelligence gathering on the PLO.
    "Colonel Stefan Blaga, No. 009794/05.12.1977, 'Action Plan: Regarding the Surveillance of Target "OLGA" (PLO)'," December 05, 1977, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, Consiliul Național pentru Studierea Arhivelor Securității (National Council for the Study of the Securitate Archives), Folder D13891, Volume 43, Surveillance Target: OLGA [Palestine Liberation Organization], pp. 4-5. Contributed and translated by Eliza Gheorghe.
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Ministry of the Interior


Military Unit 0625/R.P.

Copy no. 1

No. 009794/05.12.1977

Action Plan

- Regarding the surveillance of target ‘OLGA’ (PLO)

In order to be aware of and prevent hostile activities organized and undertaken by the representative of the PLO and by the other employees [of the permanent PLO Office in Bucharest], the following measures will be undertaken:

1. The following foreigners, informers ‘MARIUS’, ‘ARON’, ‘MEDO’ and agent ‘MIHAI’, will be instructed to take part in the activities of the PLO Office, in the open or closed meetings with students, so as to provide us with details and information about the discussions and the decisions or the measures adopted [by the PLO Mission]. We will pay special attention to the hostile activities undertaken against our country.

The abovementioned sources will be deployed against Palestinian envoys dispatched to our country, so as to find out the purpose of their trip.

Deadline: ongoing.

In charge: Col. Ion Botofei

2. [We will] deploy the local informative network recruited to keep under surveillance target ‘Iancu’, the members of his family, and the other employees of the PLO Office, to obtain details and information about their interest in target ‘ARTA’, in economic and political institutions [in Romania], in the public figures and delegations that visit our country.

Using informers ‘CORA’ and ‘ALECU’ we will continue to implement the disinformation action plan approved by the leadership of the Ministry [of the Interior].

Deadline: ongoing.

In charge: Lt. Col. Ion Croitoru

3. Together with the First Directorate, we will launch a join operation to deploy agent ‘ARISTOFAN’ against PLO employee ‘ZAHARIA’, who is known to be in charge of recruiting Romanian and foreign citizens for intelligence missions in Israel.

Deadline: 15.03.1978

In charge: Lt. Col. Ion Croitoru

Lt. Col. I. Vagner

4. Together with the First Directorate and Service ‘D’, we will compromise target ‘CORBU’ (who actively participated in organizing the November 19 1977 action at the Egyptian Embassy) in the eyes of Palestinian students, with the help of agent ‘ARISTOFAN’ launching rumors that ‘CORBU’ is a CIA source who supplies [the CIA] with information about the activities of Palestinian students in Romania.

On this issue, we will file a separate report.

Deadline: 20.12.1977

In charge: Lt. Col. Ion Croitoru

Lt. Col. I. Vagner

5. We will covertly contact ‘CĂLIN’ (a PLO official responsible for student activities) and ‘BARBU’ (Wafa news agency correspondent) to obtain information about the tasks assigned by the PLO Headquarters to Palestinian envoys dispatched to our country, as well as to spread disinformation.

Deadline: 15.02.1978

In charge: Lt. Col. A. Itu

Major R. Ghica

6. Together with Special Unit ‘T’[Technical Surveillance] we will look into the possibility of crafting special mobile[interceptors[ to be introduced in the PLO Office building, and in the future residence of the Head of the PLO Office; these interceptors could then be used when the PLO Office undertakes special activities.

Deadline: 30.12.1977

In charge: Lt. Col. Al. Itu

Lt. Col. E. Staniloiu

7. Together with Special Unit ‘T’, we will record all conversations between the PLO Office and Beirut, Damasc, Kuwait, with a view to translating and using the intelligence referring to the tasks and assignments sent by the PLO HQ.

Deadline: 15.12.1977

In charge: Lt. Col. Ion Croitoru

8. We will keep under active surveillance all envoys whom we suspect of being deployed to undertake hostile activities on the territory of our country.

Deadline: ongoing.

In charge: Lt. Col. Ion Croitoru

9. Together with Military Unit 0920/K, we will intensify our actions to covertly penetrate terrorist organizations (PFLP, Black September, etc.), with a view to contacting and covertly exploiting the members of those organizations who took part in commando operations, who were wounded and then received medical treatment in Romania. We will file a separate report for each such case.

Deadline: ongoing.

In charge: Col. Ion Botofei

Depending on the intelligence we gather following the implementation of the abovementioned measures, we will make concrete proposals so as to prevent the undertaking of hostile actions on the territory of our country.

Commander of Military Unit 0625/R.P.

Colonel Stefan Blaga