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June 05, 1989


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    Saul reports on the aftermath of the Tiananmen Square crackdown.
    "Telegram No. 048 821 from the Czechoslovak Embassy, Beijing," June 05, 1989, History and Public Policy Program Digital Archive, Archive of the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs (AMZV), Telegrams Received, 048.401 - 048.800, May 26 – June 5, 1989. Contributed by Jan Adamec.
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Telegram from: Beijing

Received: June 5, 1989, 09.30 am

Prepared for distribution: June 5, 1989, 12.00 am


Flash. For immediate distribution

No. 048 821

Tension, nervousness, aggression of certain groups, inciting other inhabitants with news that the army is ready to clean up the square definitively, have gradually increased in the center of Beijing since Friday afternoon. This development has escalated with attacks on public buildings, looting of shops, blocking of intersections, etc.

Since Saturday afternoon, the troops have been deployed to the inner city in the largest scale ever since the declaration of state of emergency.

During night, when a lot of clashes occurred, even violence was applied against the army, soldiers were injured, even killed. Then the heavy machinery was deployed and firearms were applied broadly, predominantly for the warning purposes. Only then the camps of protesters on the square were demolished and the so-called statue of democracy was removed.

On Sunday morning, visible traces of sharp clashes, burning military and civilian cars even at the border of the diplomatic quarter. When dispersing the crowd from the crossroads, warning shots even in the streets behind the walls of the Czechoslovak embassy.

In key media, Prime minister, Beijing's municipal government and military officials explained the situation and the necessity for the intervention. The population was called upon not to go out on streets and to not provide support to illegal actions.

Since Saturday morning, those illegal actions have been clearly identified as counterrevolutionary, aimed against the CCP, socialism and reforms. It has been pointed out that the intention of the counterrevolution was to liquidate 4600 leading members of the CCP, based on the revealed blacklists. In this spirit, all other speeches and appeals call for party members, students and the population in general to distance themselves from counterrevolutionary, reactionary and illegal elements, and to defend Beijing, the stability of whole China and socialism in the unity with the military, party and state leadership.

Based on current official data, more than 70 soldiers injured, several of them killed, life losses among the civilians as well. Current situation: another shooting during the night from Sunday to Monday, all key points occupied by the troops surrounded by clusters of discussing people. We are following. The embassy has taken extraordinary security measures, all Czechoslovak citizens safe. /VLC. PB./

SAUL 0274.