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About the Last Operation/ Operational Mission of Comrade [redacted]

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About the last operation/ operational mission of comrade [redacted]


Between 1979 and 1981 comrade [redacted] was stationed as a resident in Teheran.


In 1981 the Soviet- Iranian relations heated up (Mass persecutions, arrests and executions of operatives of the Tudeh- Party; temporary occupation of the UdSSR- Embassy by the revolutionary- guards, mysterious disappearance (probably treason) of the soviet counselor [redacted]).


For security reasons comrade [redacted] had to leave Teheran in this situation. (Shortly after his mission started, his successor was declared a persona non grata alongside other soviet diplomats).


During his operation in Teheran comrade [redacted] was in contact with the resident of the MfS. He widely supported our resident, a.m.


- with the assessment of the situation


- with the retransition/ return of a DDR- citizen (f) recruited by the enemy (overland to the Caspian sea and from there with a soviet ship to the UdSSR);


- with the preparation of an outward transfer of a DDR- citizen (m) (IMES- employee), who resided in the DDR- Embassy and against whom the Iranian authorities filed a request for extradition (outward transfer should take place with the help of a Bulgarian- Iranian transportation company, to which the comrade [redacted] had operational ties).


Comrade [redacted] wasn’t in the DDR so far. According to synopses at hand he did not receive an award by the MfS yet.








Description of the work of an East German agent in Iran who worked with the Stasi (MfS).

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BStU, MfS, Abt. X, Nr. 558. Obtained by Roham Alvandi and translated by Carla Fischer.


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