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August 13, 1981

Activities of Iranian Left Extremist Groups in West Berlin

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Activities of Iranian Left Extremist Groups in West Berlin


A trusted informal collaborator has shared that the Iranian leftist extremist groups in the operational area, which possess the Iranian consulates in Hamburg and West Berlin, have a thoroughgoing intention of possessing the Iranian Embassy in the capital of the GDR.


The goal of this action consists of protest against the current Iranian regime under Khomeini, while at the same time they want to thereby demand an official position from the GDR that they can point to say that the GDR supports "reactionary" regimes.


In preparation for this action Iranian leftist extremists have already attempted to enter the capital of the GDR and gather intelligence on the border crossing and the security of the Iranian Embassy in the GDR. Because of travel restrictions on these individuals attempts are currently being made to find other means, methods, and ways. They have already made contact in West Berlin with the Maoist and Anti-Soviet "General Organization of Afghan Students Abroad" in order to engage them in activity. Apart from this, the Iranian leftist extremists are testing the possibility of illegally diverting from the transit path between the FRG and West Berlin in order to enter the capital of the GDR.


The most active groups appear to be "Pekar" ("struggle"), "Volksfedayin - Minority," and "Volksmudjahadin."


Lieutenant General Mittig
Director of the Main Department XX
Oberat Paroch
Main Department II
Main Department XX/AKG
Main Department XX/8


Informal Collaborator "Albert"
Employee: Ltn. Weidel


A report from a "trusted informal collaborator" claims that Iranian leftist groups will seek to enter East German to protest or attack the embassy of Iran.


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BStU, MfS, HA XX, Nr. 1457, 33. Obtained by Roham Alvandi.


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