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January 21, 1987

Activities by the Iraqi Embassy to Find Out About Assumed Arms Deals between GDR and Iran

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21 January 1987

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Activities by the Iraqi Embassy to find out about assumed arms deals between GDR and Iran


Unofficial information was obtained according to which an assembly of members from the Iraqi Baath Party in the GDR took place at the end of December 1986 in the Iraqi Embassy [in Berlin].


At this meeting, the party envoy of the embassy,


EL HAZAA, Achmed

alias: Abu Achmed,


informed about a conference in Baghdad where, among other issues, the relationship between the GDR and Iraq was assessed. It was noted there that relations have significantly deteriorated in all areas. The causes behind this development were said to be politically motivated.


In this context the party envoy asked everybody present to establish, expand existing, contacts with those GDR citizens who have insights in trade and business relations between the GDR and Iran or who have relevant information.


EL HAZAA stated that documents are needed that show whether and to what extent the GDR is exporting arms or military equipment to Iran.


One has heard of many rumors in this regard, but so far there has been no success in establishing reliable evidence on such kinds of trade and business.


This information can be used unofficially only, as otherwise its source might be jeopardized.

Information from a source in the Iraqi Embassy on a meeting to discuss the deteriorating relations between Iraq and East Germany. Iraqi officials are suspicious that East Germany is exporting arms or military equipment to Iran, but so far do not have any conclusive evidence.


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BStU, ZA, HA XVIII, 8691. Obtained and translated for CWIHP by Bernd Schaefer.


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