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May 10, 1973

Agenda, Brazilian Delegation to West Germany, 'Program of the Meeting on Nuclear Cooperation'

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Program of the meeting on nuclear cooperation


February 5 – Wednesday

16:00 hs. – The discussion shall follow the order of the articles of the Pre-project.

                   Interpreters shall always be available. The use of English is not needed.


Brazilian Delegation

Min. Paulo Nogueira Batista

Prof. Gervário de Carvalho

Dr. Carlos Syllus

Dr. Neiva Simon

Sec. Eduardo Roxo


German Delegation

M.D. Hermes    A.A. Abt. 4

VLR Hauber – A.A. Abt. 2/22

VLR Scholtyssek – A. A.  Abt. 4/15

VLR Neuer – A. A.   Abt. 5/01

VLR von Wagner – A. A.   Abt. 5/10

MDg Looschet – BMFT

ORR Gruber – BMFT

Dr. Eisenbeiss – BK

RD Hagen – BMI

RD Guthermuth – BMW1

MR Struck – BMW1


February 6 – Thursday

    13:00 hs. Luncheon with [illegible-handwritten]

     20:00 hs – Dinner given by Dr. Hermes to the Brazilian Delegation at Cecilienhöhe (invitations will be sent)

February 7 – Friday

     18:30 hs. Cocktail offered by Ambassador Mafra

February 8, 9 and 10 -  There will be no working meeting

February 10 – Monday

The Brazilian Delegation will be invited to watch “Rosenmontag-Zug”, at Koln. Meeting will be at 10:10hs. at Hotel Steigenberger, from where the participants will leave for the Bonn Train Station (Hauptbanhof). At 10:49 hs., toward Koln. Places have been reserved at the Podium for the invitees. The time of return to Bonn will be at each one’s discretion.

February 11 – Tuesday

February 12 – Wednesday – (mandatory date for the close of negotiations in Bonn. In case no agreement is reached by that date, negotiations could continue in Brasilia.)

       13:000 hs. Luncheon offered by Secretary of State Sachs.

[Handwritten] – 13 Thursday – Frankfurt  - 14 – Friday [illegible]


[Handwritten page]


                                        H    Syllus

                                         D Simon                                                   PNB

4   Tuesday                     Eska  (Stag)                        ESka

5    Wednesday               Erlangen                            Bonn

6     Thursday                        ”

7     Friday                             ”                                      Erlangen

8      Saturday                       “                                             “             

9      Sunday                          “                                             “

10    Monday                         “                                             “

11     Tuesday                Hoechat (Kawa)                        Bonn

12     Wednesday     {MATN    “        “

13      Thursday            ojk                                                 ojk     

14      Friday                    Frankfurt (UG)                           Frankfurt (UG)



Scientific-technological cooperation  Brazil-Germany



Professor Alexander Hocker

Nuclear legislation specialist

Administrative and Legal Directorof the Jülich Center

Trip to Brazil foreseen for the middle of current  October

Duration: two to three weeks





Technical Aeronautics-Space.  Composed of Professors Heinrich Doetsch and Fred Thomas. Both are Professors at the University of Braunscweig and members of the “German Institute for Research and Testing of Aerial and Space Navigation of Porz-Wahn (DFVLR)


Trip to Brazil (already set): 9 to 16 November

During this period the trip to Brazil of Professor Ing Heyser, Director of the Institute for Applied Gasdynamics of the German Institute of Research and Testing of Aerial and Space Navigation of Porz-Wahn (DFVLR)  is envisaged.


Oceanographic research:

Professor Dr. Gotthilf Hempel                                                                                  

Head of the  Fisheries Biology Section of the Oceanographic Institute of the University of Kiel

Trip to Brazil (already set)  17 to 21 November

Schedule of the Brazilian delegation during a visit to various cities in West Germany (Bonn, Erlangen, Frankfurt) in February 1973. This mission is regarded as a critical step towards the establishment of the nuclear agreement with West Germany in 1975. The hand-written notes indicate the appointments and the sites to be visited by technical officials, engineers Carlos Syllus, who later became Director for Technology at Nuclebras, David Neiva Simon, who had been involved in the negotiations of the first Angra power plant with Westinghouse, and Ambassador Nogueira Batista, who would later become president of Nuclebras.


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CPDOC Archives, PNB ad 1973.10.05 pp. 41-43. Obtained and translated by Fundação Getúlio Vargas.


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