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Alternate members of the Korean Workers’ Party Central Committee

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Subject: Report on the Korean Workers’ Party’s 4th Congress


Alternate members of the Korean Workers’ Party Central Committee


  1. Pek Hak-rim
  2. Kim Jun-rim
  3. Han Tae-jong    Internal Affairs Minister
  4. Choi Chan-sok   Health Minister
  5. Kim Un-san      Vice Chairman of the Building Committee
  6. Pak Un-gol      Cultural Minister
  7. Choi Jae-u      Head of Department of the Cabinet
  8. Ro Tae-sok
  9. Son Chan-ryom   Forest Industry Minister
  10. Kim Gwan-sop
  11. Li Geun-mo
  12. O Tae-bong
  13. Li Myon-san     Chairman of the Music Artist Alliance
  14. Hwang Won-bo    Vice Chairman of the Central Committee’s Revision Committee
  15. Ryong Tae-jun   Chongjin Politburo president
  16. An Seun-hak     Hamhung Politburo president
  17. Ju Chan-kwon
  18. Kim Tae-hyon
  19. Chan Jun-pil
  20. Pek Son-il      Chairman of North Pyongyang Province’s People’s Committee
  21. Tae Pyon-ryol
  22. Pak Tae-jin
  23. Pak U-sop
  24. Chon Byon-gap
  25. Choi Chon-gon
  26. Jom San-gi
  27. Kim Son-geun
  28. Li Ryan-suk
  29. Li Guk-jin
  30. Li Dok-hyon     Deputy of the Supreme Judge
  31. Choi Hak-son
  32. Hwan Sun-ri
  33. Pak Kyon-suk
  34. Ryom Eu-jae     First Deputy of the Agricultural Minister
  35. Ri Yong-sun
  36. Kim Myon-son
  37. Li Hon-gyun
  38. Jun Chan-sun
  39. Han Gyon-suk
  40. Son Bok-gi
  41. Kim Jong-sok
  42. Kim Hong-gwan
  43. Kim Gi-du
  44. Kim Byong-sam   Director of the Ryongsong Machine Factory
  45. Pak In-hyok
  46. Kim Hyon-sam    Director of the Hwanghae Forge
  47. Hong Won-gil    Director of the Tokchon Automobile Factory
  48. Jang Chung-gyom
  49. Li Ji-chang
  50. Kim Byong-su    Director of the Kiyang Tractor Factory


[Translation notes: The Hungarian translation does not distinguish between the some Korean letters (such as ‘o’ and ‘eo’, or ‘n’ and ‘ng’ for example. As I am no expert of Korean names, I left these as they are, while translating the obvious spellings to their English counterparts. ]

A list of alternate members of the Korean Worker's Party Central Committee.

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MNL OL XIX-É-1-j Korea 27a-006330/1961 Obtained by North Korean Materials Archive, IFES, Kyungnam University, and translated by Imre Májer.


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