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May 1981

Announcement, F. W. de Klerk, South African Minister of Mineral and Energy Affairs, 'Safari-1 to be Operated by Locally Manufactured Fuel'

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Statement by Minister of Mineral and Energy Affairs F.W. De Klerk announcing plans to supply the SAFARI-1 reactor with locally-sourced uranium, yet will continue to adhere to IAEA safeguards for both the reactor and the fuel.

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June 2, 1976

Reply, French Minister of Foreign Affairs, 'Sale of Two Nuclear Plants to South Africa'

French Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jean Sauvagnargues, responds to an inquiry from the National Assembly regarding France's sale of two pressurized-water reactors to South Africa.

August 26, 1977

Cable, South African Department of Foreign Affairs, 'South Africa: Nuclear Bomb Charges'

South African department of Foreign Affairs cable to its embassies addressing the Soviet charge that South Africa is on the precipice of developing a nuclear bomb. The message states that South Africa has no intentions of developing a weapon, that the Kalahari facility is not being used to test explosives, and that “there will not be any nuclear explosive testing of any kind in South Africa.” Attached is a copy of the Prime Ministers’ 24 August 1977 speech in Cape Town.

August 31, 1977

Cable from South African Embassy in the US to the South African Secretary for Foreign Affairs on South Africa and the Bomb

Telegram from the South African embassy in Washington to the Secretary for Foreign Affairs in Pretoria in response to a Washington Post article which alleged that South African had developed an untested nuclear weapon and became "the seventh nuclear power even though it will not be recognized as such." The conclusion drawn is that the article will lead to a watershed moment in South Africa’s international relations.

May 1967

South African Department of Foreign Affairs, 'Items of Interest in the Field of Atomic Energy'

Summary of the communication between South African and American policymakers regarding the renewal of the Atomic Energy Cooperation Agreement. The renewal of the previous agreement was contingent on South Africa reforming its safeguards policy and modeling them after the Canadian and US policies.

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South African Foreign Affairs Archives, Brand Fourie Personal Papers, Nuclear Energy, Top Secret, 1 January 1981 to 8 May 1981, Vol V. Obtained and contributed by Anna-Mart van Wyk, Monash South Africa.


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