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June 20, 1967

Attachment, Draft Resolution of the 37th Session of the CC of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia, 'The Near East Situation and Our Further Approach'

[Attachment I]


Of the 37th Session of the CC of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia of June 20, 1967

Regarding pt. 28:       The Near East situation and our further approach

(cde. V. Koucký, cde. V. David, cde. O. Kaderka, cde. B. Lomský, cde. O. Rytíř)


                Presidium of the Central Committee of the Communist Party on Czechoslovakia

1. has taken notice

a) of the information that has been presented regarding the Near East Situation and the orally proclaimed news about talks with G. Nasser's special envoy A. Fuad;

b) of the preliminary conclusion concerning the reasons for the United Arab Republic's and the Arab states defeat;

2) Is willing

a) to offer the United Arab Republic and the Syrian Arab Republic multilateral help in order to preserve and built up further the progressive movement within these countries, in order to push back Israeli aggression and get rid of its impacts;

b) to coordinate its steps with the USSR and the other socialist countries during the discussions about the crisis in the Near and Middle East Region within the UN and on its presupposed extraordinary General Assembly; to cooperate with Arab states as well as with some other Asian, African and Latin American countries and with some capitalist countries in Europe and Asia; to strive for Israel being condemned as an aggressor and to demand its army retreat from the Arab states territory back behind the ceasefire lines;

c) to strive for a long-lasting solution of the whole Near and Middle East situation that would provide for the Palestinian refugees rights and, to regulate the disputed territories in line with in line with the UN Charter and the UN general Assembly;

d) to tell the Arab states representatives to promote a thoroughly realistic policy, which for example includes refraining from threatening to destruct Israel or liquidating its citizens, and to acknowledge this state's existence right when it pays for the damage it caused by its aggression;

e) to deploy cde. V. Koucký, the Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia to the United Arab Republic to negotiate with president G.A. Nasser; cde. V Koucký shall be accompanied by cdeades M. Šmoldas, F. Langer, J. Molek; the cost will be taken over by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;

f) to send cde. V. Pleskot, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs as a special envoy from the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic Head of Government's envoi to Dr. Zuayyin, head of Government of the Syrian Arab Republic;

g) to offer the United Arab Republic a free of charge military help equaling 8.2 million Czechoslovak Koruna trade parity (1966) and to offer the Syrian Arab Republic a free of charge military help equaling 7.2 million Czechoslovak Koruna trade parity (1966); to offer the Czechoslovak Red Cross' aid to the Jordan equaling approximately 250,000 Czechoslovak Koruna and to Syria equaling approximately 150,000 Czechoslovak Koruna; at the same time, cdeades Novotný, Černík, Koucký, Pudlák, Hamouz and Rytíř are authorized to take operational decisions regarding aid for Arab states in accordance with the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia's opinion;

h) to inform the representatives of the United Arab Republic and Syria about our fundamental willingness to assist them in building these two countries' economy and defense; to fundamentally focus on deliveries of modern army technology, deploying military experts to the United Arab Republic and Syria for money and according to the options the Czechoslovak national economy will have and at better conditions for both countries;

i) and approves the proposals listed on pages 8 – 10 in Appendix IV/a;

3) The following duties are being imposed:

a) cde. O. Černík, cde. V Koucký, cde. V. David, cde. F. Hamouz, cde. B. Lomský, cde. J. Hájek, cde. K. Hoffmann are to adapt the concept of our cooperation with the United Arab Republic and Syria based upon the changes that occurred and depending upon the negotiations cde. V. Koucký and cde. V. Pleskot lead, or possibly also upon further negotiations with both countries representatives;

(within 2-3 week following the negotiations);

b) the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of National Defense, the State Planning Commission, the Ministry of Foreign Trade and the International Department within the Central Committee of the Communist Party on Czechoslovakia are to prepare documents for cde. V. Koucký's negotiations with president Nasser and for cde. V. Pleskot's negotiations with the head of Government of the Syrian Arab Republic Dr. Zuayyin;

c) cde. V. Koucký has to adapt the presented documents and hand them over to the Soviet Communist Party when the proper option arises, and these documents are to serve as groundwork for further discussing the subsequent steps;

d) cde. V. Koucký has to provide for the answers to the questions listed in Appendix III/b being worked out (by September 15, 1967) to serve as part of the preparations for the international conference of representatives of communist parties and workers parties and to serve as a start for the fraternal parties and governments in European socialist issuing a joint evaluation and proceeding;

e) cde. V. Koucký is to present a proposal of our method of support or the Communist Party in Israel – Group A (cde. M. Vilner);

f) cde. J. Hendrych and cde. V. Koucký have to inform the Regional Committee and the District Committee of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia based upon Appendix III/a; the press, radio broadcasting and television and the negotiations organizations within the Party are to be thoroughly aligned to the Central Committee of the Communist Party on Czechoslovakia's opinion on the Near East situation and to the approved solution of the crisis within this region;

g) cde. J. Henrych, cde. V. David, cde. S. Hoffmann, cde. K. Hoffmann have to direct all our foreign propaganda instruments in order communicate the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic's, the USSR's and the socialist countries' opinion and these countries' support of the people in Arab and other states for freedom and their independence and this has to be communicated across the population in developing countries, especially the Arab states, and thus -  to strive for getting rid of anti-socialist mood and preventing the dissemination of these moods in future;

h) cde. V. David, cde. V. Hamouz have to check the activity of Czechoslovak embassies within the Arab states, especially in the United Arab Republic, including their political and technical expertise and preparedness as well as their staff number. It has to be evaluated whether it is necessary to send family members of those Czechoslovak workers abroad who are being sent abroad by various ministries or institutions for a shorter period of time and possibly, the respective guidelines have to be amended.

i) cde. B. Lomský and cde. J. Kudrna have to evaluate the state of our military and intelligence bodies abroad and their apparatus in the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic and take measures to provide for better and earlier information prior to important events in crisis locations;

j) cde. A. Novotný and cde. B. Lomský have to request the summoning of the Heads of General Staff of the Warsaw Pact member states to discuss and evaluate the events connected to Israel's aggression and to evaluate the conclusions with respect to a coordinated military aid for the Arab states and the use of the military expertise for the purposes of the Warsaw Pact member states armies', and especially for the Czechoslovak People's Army;

k) cde. V. David has to strive for the Ministries of Foreign Affairs within the European socialist countries unifying their effort regarding the evaluations and political conclusions that are to be made in relation to the Near East conflict, so that these conclusions will be discussed during the next Meeting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs from the European socialist countries;

l) cde. O. Šimůnek has to actively support the proposals for a thorough coordination of the economic aid for Arab states in line with the Comecon.



                                               Will be done by:              cde. A. Novotný

                                                                                              cde. O. Černík

                                                                                              cde. J. Hendrych

                                                                                              cde. O. Šimůnek

                                                                                              cde. V. Koucký

                                                                                              cde. V. David

                                                                                              cde. J. Hájek

                                                                                              cde. F. Hamouz

                                                                                              cde. K. Hoffmann

                                                                                              cde. B. Lomský

                                                                                              cde. J. Kudrna







Czechoslovakia offers assistance to the United Arab Republic and the Syrian Arab Republic following their defeat in the Six-Day War with Israel.


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National Archives Prague/UV KSC Predsednictvo 1966-1971/02_, sv. 37, aj. 37, b. 28. Obtained by Jan Koura and translated for CWIHP by David Růžička.


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