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September 23, 1944

Bomb Installations at Debice

                                                                         THE AMBASSADOR



Conversation.   September 23, 1944.


Present: The American Ambassador, Mr. Harriman

Mr. Edward Page, Second Secretary of Embassy


The British Ambassador, Sir Archibald Clark Kerr

Major A. H. Birse, Second Secretary of Embassy


Marshal I. V. Stalin

Mr. V. M. Molotov, People’s Commissar for Foreign Affairs

Mr. Pavlov, Soviet interpreter


Subject: Bomb Installations at Debice.


The British Ambassador stated that he wished to thank Marshal Stalin for the cooperation extended by the Russian authorities to the Anglo-American experts who had gone to Debice, Poland, to inspect the rocket instillations. The Marshal inquired whether the results of the visit had been satisfactory. The British Ambassador replied that the experts had been very much pleased with the results and that they would place at the disposal of the Soviet Government the information they had obtained if the Soviet Government so desired. They had worked like detectives and had found fragments here and there to create a skeleton of what had formerly existed. I remarked that experts had said that the Red Army officers could not have been more helpful. They had seen everything desired, including Poles who had been employed at the experimental stations, and learned what type pf weapon had been used there.




Copy to General Deane.


Clark Kerr thanks Stalin for cooperating with Anglo-American experts that recently inspected rocket installations in Debica, Poland.
Note that the document refers to the city of Debice, Poland, which is in Northwestern Poland, near the German border. This city is not known to have or been near any rocket installations and it is therefore assumed by the processor that Debica was the correct city due to its proximity to Blizna and that it was called Debice in error.

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