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August 5, 1966

Bombard the Headquarters (My Big-Character Poster)

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[Handwritten in Albanian] Bombard the Headquarters (My Big-Character Poster)

Bombard the Headquarters
(My Big-Character Poster)

China's first Marxist-Leninist big-character poster and Commentator's article on it in People's Daily are indeed superbly written! Comrades, please read them again. But in the last fifty days or so some leading comrades from the central down to the local levels have acted in a diametrically opposite way. Adopting the reactionary stand of the bourgeoisie, they have enforced a bourgeois dictatorship and struck down the surging movement of the Great Cultural Revolution of the proletariat. They have stood facts on their head and juggled black and white, encircled and suppressed revolutionaries, stifled opinions differing from their own, imposed a white terror, and felt very pleased with themselves. They have puffed up the arrogance of the bourgeoisie and deflated the morale of the proletariat. How poisonous! Viewed in connection with the Right deviation in 1962 and the wrong tendency of 1964 which was 'Left' in form but Right in essence, shouldn't this make one wide awake?

Mao Zedong
5 August 1966

[Handwritten in Albanian] Mao Zedong, 5 August 1966

"Bombard the Headquarters – My Big-Character Poster,” by Mao Zedong, 5 August 1966, with handwritten Albanian-language notations. These documents related to the Cultural Revolution were presented to Hysni Kapo during the latter’s visit to China in January-February 1967


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Arkivi Qendror Shtetëror (Central State Archives, Tirana, Albania), Fondi 14/AP, Marrëdhëniet me Partinë Komuniste të Kinës, V. 1967, Dos. 8, Fl. 2. Contributed by Elidor Mëhilli.


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