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Bulgarian and Czechoslovak Interior Ministries Plan to Cooperate against Foreign Propaganda






first dePutY-minister of tHe interior of tHe PeoPle’s rePuBliC of Bulgaria Colonel-general: (sign. ill.)

  /Gr. Shopov/






FIRST DEPUTY-minister of tHe interior of tHe CZeCHo-sloVaK soCialist rePuBliC maJor- general:(sign. ill.)

/Jan Hanuliak/










9. Annual exchange of reviews and data on international scientific and cultural congresses, symposia and other important events which are organized on the territory of the People’s Republic of Bulgaria, the Czecho-Slovak Socialist Republic and in third countries, and are attended by both Bulgarian and Czechoslovak citizens, as well as representatives of the capitalist countries.


10. Organization of regular meetings to assess the results of the performance of the plan for cooperation.




In their joint struggle against the internal adversary and the subversive activities of ideological, Trotskyite, emigrant, Zionist and other enemy agencies, directed against the People’s Republic of Bulgaria, the Czecho-Slovak Socialist Republic and the other countries of the socialist commonwealth, the two directorates shall implement the following tasks and initiatives:

1. Direction of agents for gathering data on emigrants from our countries, working predominantly for Free Europe and “Liberty.” Coordination of the infiltration of our agents in the international PEN-Club – London, with the purpose of disclosing its inimical activities.


2. Exchange of data on active emigrants, such as Tsenko Barev, Radoslav Kostovski, Vladimir Kostov, Petar Semerdjiev, Atanas Slavov, Pelikan, Tigrid and Pachman. Operative measures to be undertaken in order to thwart the attempts of the enemy to unite defectors from the socialist countries around Kontinent magazine. Agent-operative measures shall be undertaken to disclose and eliminate subversive activity against the People’s Republic of Bulgaria and the Czecho-Slovak socialist republic, carried out by the emigrant organization BLM (Bulgarian Liberation Movement), by the magazine Budeshte (Future), which are trying to coordinate their activities with emigrants from the Czecho-Slovak Socialist republic and the other socialist states.






general ProVisions


1. The plan, and the activities and agent-operative measures that it sets out, can be complemented or amended following proposals by one of the signatories to the agreement, after coordination with the head of the fraternal agency, and with the consent of the First Deputy Ministers of the Interior.


2. The present plan has been drawn up in four uniform copies, two in Bulgarian and in Czech languages, respectively, as they all shall be equally valid.


3. The plan shall enter into force as of the day of its affirmation and shall be valid until December 31, 1981.


Head of 6tH direCtorate ministrY of interior–PeoPle’s rePuBliC of Bulgaria


Lieutenant-general: (sign. ill.)

Head of 10tH direCtorate of tHe federal ministrY of interior of tHe CZeCHo-sloVaK soCialist rePuBliC


maJor-general:(sign.   ill.)



This document details a plan for cooperation between the 6th Directorate of the Ministry of the Interior of the People’s Republic of Bulgaria and the 10th Directorate of the Federal Ministry of the Interior of the Czecho-Slovak Socialist Republic during the period 1979-1981 against foreign propaganda operations. Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty are singled out.

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Bulgarian Interior Ministry Archive, Fund 1, Record 12, Document 224. Obtained by Jordan Baev. Translated by Miroslav Vajarov.


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