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October 18, 1976

Cable, Cabinet to the Swedish Embassy, Pyongyang, and Swedish Embassy, Peking, via the Political Department

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Dispatch[ed by]: Ur Leifland, BMH

Matter: [blank]


Date: 1976-10-18


Section: [illegible] C

Group: 53

Purpose: [illegible]


Address[ed to]: Swedish [Embassy], PYONGYANG

Swedish [Embassy],
PEKING [Beijing]

Following day to Pyongyang…




From the Chief of Police


FirstThe police has today announced that there are very strong indications that also the [North Korean] Embassy in Stockholm have been selling alcohol and cigarettes in a large scale – probably also dealing in narcotics – [redacted text]. Everything points to the fact that [redacted text].


There’s been an issue of an arrest for four Swedish citizens today. House searches conducted seven places. Police report expected tomorrow, Tuesday afternoon.


Everything points to that this will result in the ambassador and other personnel will be asked to leave the country.


SecondIf you don’t have strong reasons for a differing opinion, your [sic; presumably Charge d'Affaires Erik Cornell] and Peterson’s families and Malmsten’s should immediately leave the country [North Korea].


We have two reasons to think that you and Peterson should stay:  partly, to assist Swedish citizens that might still be in North Korea.  Partly – and most importantly – a recall of you now would mean a half acknowledgement of the invented accusations of any kind that, with all probability, will be levied at you by the North Korean government, since Kil [Jae Gyong, also spelled Gil Jae-gyeong; North Korean Ambassador in Stockholm] was deported. However, if it’s your assessment that the risk to your life, and to Peterson, both you and him can of course leave the country.


ThirdIf you decide to stay, you can at your own behest inform the embassy with which you have good relations (the person from Yugoslavia I met?). Such contact may be of value to you in such a pointed situation as this.






To be filled out by the telegram dispatcher.

Sent: 18/10[/76]


Signature: [signed initials]



The Cabinet informs the Swedish embassies in Pyongyang and Beijing about the police investigation revolving the North Korean embassy in Stockholm. It asks personnel in Pyongyang to make an assessment about their own security in light of the scandal.

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Obtained by Charles Kraus from the Utrikesdepartementet (Ministry for Foreign Affairs), Sweden, according to the Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act, UD2017/10792/RS.


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