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October 18, 1976

Cable, Cabinet to the Swedish Embassy, Pyongyang, via the Protocol Department

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Dispatch[ed by]: Protocol, K. Göranson, EKL


[Handwritten] C 53 XKO/[illegible]


Date: 1976-10-18


Dept: [illegible] C






Address[ed to]: Swedish [Embassy], PYONGYANG



From the Protocol [Department] for information.


North Korean embassy personnel requested to leave the country.


Utenrikesrådet [Sverre] Gjellum, Norwegian FS [Secretary of State] today told, by phone, the chief of protocol Hedin that Norwegian citizens have been arrested on October 16 for purchasing alcoholic drinks and tobacco from personnel at the North Korean embassy in Oslo. Therefore the North Korean chargé d'affaires will be called to the utrikesministeriet [Ministry for Foreign Affairs] to be informed that the ambassador, currently living in Stockholm, the chargé, two third-rank secretaries and a chauffeur have been declared persona non grata. The individuals living in Norway are requested to leave the country within 6 days.


The matter should be finally discussed at a cabinet meeting today.











To be completed by the telegram dispatcher






Report to the Swedish Embassy in Pyongyang with information about the police investigation revolving the North Korean embassy in Stockholm and asking embassy personnel to make an assessment about their own security.

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Obtained by Charles Kraus from the Utrikesdepartementet (Ministry for Foreign Affairs), Sweden, according to the Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act, UD2017/10792/RS.


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