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July 15, 1959

Cable from the Chinese Embassy in Bulgaria, 'Response of People in Various Circles in Bulgaria to the Dalai Lama’s Statement'

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From the Bulgaria Desk

15 July 1959


Response of People in Various Circles in Bulgaria to the Dalai Lama’s Statement


[To the] Ministry of Foreign Affairs:


There have been some responses to Dalai’s 20 June statement on the part of some people in Bulgaria, summarized as follows:


1) Opinions of Dalai’s statement: “This statement of the Dalai [Lama] is a determinedly traitorous one; he has resolved not to return to China.  If China had known this was going to happen, it shouldn’t have let him get away.  A bad element in the family is easier to discipline if one keeps him shut up at home.” (Head of the Foreign Affairs personnel service department, who once stayed at the Chinese embassy)  


“The Dalai [Lama]’s statement would not have been released without Nehru’s support; the Dalai Lama’s schemes are Nehru’s schemes.  On the issue of Tibet, Nehru has adopted a supportive attitude toward the Indian People’s Party’s actions.  By doing so Nehru has put a burden on himself – the economic burden is secondary; it is mainly a political burden.” (Deputy head of Bulgaria’s Agriculture and Forestry Department)


2) Predictions about the Dalai [Lama]’s prospects: “The Dalai Lama’s prospects are those of Jiang Jieshi, and maybe worse than those of Jiang Jieshi: Jiang Jieshi still has Taiwan as capital, [but] the longer the Dalai [Lama] stays in India, the smaller his influence will be; the more reactionary remarks he makes, while not good for China, the worse it is for him personally, and in the long run he will be worse off than even an ordinary person.”  (Remarks of Health Bureau head at Bulgarian ministry chiefs’ meeting)  


“The Dalai [Lama] will not continue living in India over the long term, nor will he go live in Taiwan or the United States; it is most likely that he will live in China’s neighbor country of Vietnam or Japan and continue conducting anti-Chinese activities there.  Bulgaria’s religious circles think that the Dalai Lama will end up as an anti-Communist running dog of the United States, conducting anti-Communist activities in Southeast Asia.  For a relatively long time to come, he will continue to play a certain role among the people of some Buddhist countries, but his role will grow smaller over time.” (Person in charge of Bulgaria’s Religious Affairs Commission)  


“Although the Dalai Lama is still young and has quite a few supporters, some people in Poland are very pained by his statement and worried about his prospects.  He may go live in Japan for a long period.”  (Remarks of a secretary in Polish embassy in Bulgaria)


[Chinese] Embassy in Bulgaria

15 July 1959


The Chinese Embassy reports on the negative reactions from various circles in Bulgaria to the Dalai Lama's statement

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