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November 12, 1962

Cable from the Chinese Embassy in Cuba, 'A Report of the Conversation with the Deputy Editor of Noticias de Hoy, Raúl Valdes Vivo'

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A Report of the Conversation with the Deputy Editor of Noticias de Hoy, Raúl Valdes Vivo


To the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:


According to Vivo, the deputy editor of Hoy, the possibility of Paraguay severing diplomatic relations with Cuba is higher than that of Chile [severing relations with Cuba]. [If both are going to sever relationships with Cuba,] Chile may do so earlier than Paraguay; Paraguay won’t sever the relationship before the general election. The rightist Peronist [government] of Argentina also opposes Cuba.


The present threat to Cuba has become less imminent, but remains. The US now wants to invade Cuba via the Organization of American States. Recently, two Argentine warships and two Dominican [Republic] warships, along with three thousand Argentine soldiers, arrived in Panama.


It is difficult for the US to maintain the naval blockade. [But] it wants to intensify the economic blockade and to make ships from capitalist countries not go to Cuba. The present number of vessels coming to Cuba is less than before. This problem is going to become worse during sugar season.


The [North] Vietnamese ambassador holds that the reason for the leaders of Latin American fraternal parties, who were previously in Cuba, to return home at the Soviet Union announcement of withdrawing missile bases, is mainly to pacify those confused minds within their parties as well as countries.


[Chinese] Embassy in Cuba

12 November 1962

A report of a conversation from the Chinese Embassy in Cuba detailing the situation different Latin American countries face in regards to US-Cuba relations, especially in terms of the US economic and naval blockade.

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PRC FMA 111-00342-05, 26. Translated by Zhang Qian.


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