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November 19, 1962

Cable from the Chinese Embassy in Czechoslovakia, 'The North Korean Charge d'Affaires in Czechoslovakia Discussed the Sino-Indian Border Issue and the Situation in Cuba'

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From the Czechoslovakia Desk

The [North] Korean Charge d'Affaires in Czechoslovakia Discussed the Sino-Indian Border Issue and the Situation in Cuba


To the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:


Today Ambassador Zhong called on the [North] Korean charge d'affaires to exchange [views] on the Sino-Indian border issue and the situation in Cuba. The Korean charge d'affaires said that his country sent instructions that [North Korean diplomats] are to express unreserved support for China's stance when discussing the Sino-Indian border issue with diplomatic personnel from other countries.


The Korean charge d'affaires believed that the Soviet approach toward the Cuban issue was to make concessions to the imperialists. He said the Cuban ambassador had told him that, during the national day banquet at the Soviet embassy, Novotny told the Cuban ambassador that "when I went to Moscow, the talks also touched on the Caribbean Crisis [the Cuban Missile Crisis]. The measures taken by the Soviet Union were correct, because the United States, after a few seconds, [decided] that it must direct its aggression toward Cuba. In this case, only the measures of the Soviet Union were correct." The Korean charge d'affaires also said that he asked the [East] German counsellor what Ulbricht talked about when he went to Moscow. The German counselor hesitated and said that the talks dealt with the tense international situation. Because the current situation is very sharp, representatives from the Warsaw Pact member countries went to Moscow, mainly to talk about the current situation. This is a special report for your reference.


[Chinese] Embassy in Czechoslovakia

19 November 1962


The Chinese Embassy in Czechoslovakia reports that North Korea supports China in the Sino-Indian Border War and conveys other information on the Cuban Missile Crisis gathered by Korean diplomats.

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PRC FMA 111-00439-04, 1-2. Translated by Charles Kraus.


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