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April 28, 1962

Cable from the Chinese Embassy in Mali to the General Bureau for Economic Relations with Foreign Countries, ‘Regarding the Exchange of Notes for the Chinese Agricultural Experts Going to Mali’

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From [the Chinese Embassy in] Mali

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Subject: Regarding the Exchange of Notes for the Chinese Agricultural Experts Going to Mali


General Bureau for Economic Relations with Foreign Countries:


The cable dated 26 March [1962] was received. [In] handling of this communique, the [situation is] excellent [regarding the] notes of exchange for our agricultural experts [who shall be] going to Mali. However, regarding the exact conditions in Mali, there are some specific issues. Hereby follows a report of our opinions: Please respond whether these are appropriate as soon as possible.


1. Because the experts' food will be provided free of charge by the Malinese, suggest that Article 7, “Housing,” be changed to read “Room and Board”.


2. The exchange of notes only [refers to] the agricultural experts. [There is nothing about] the two translators or the rice transplant machinery operator's living expenses. Is it possible to issue an exchange of notes in which the living expenses are covered with first, second, and third degree [of experts] distinguished? In Article 6, the gradation of the living expenses is clearly divided [as follows]: Grade 1: Chief Engineer, Engineer; Grade 2: Technician, Technical Interpreter; Grade 3: Skilled Workers.


3. Our industrial experts will go to Mali in June but this exchange of notes, from start to finish, only specifies the five agricultural experts. Is it possible to have [the letters'] scope [expanded] to include industrial experts? Can the title of the exchange of notes be amended from “Dual Party Agreement that China Will Send Five Agricultural Aid Experts to the Republic of Mali” to “Dual Party Agreement that China Will Send Ten Skilled Technical Personnel to the Republic of Mali”?


Embassy [of the People's Republic of China] in Mali

28 April 1962

The Chinese Embassy in Mali amends some of the specific terms for the dispatching of Chinese agricultural experts to Mali.

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PRC FMA 108-00800-03. Obtained by Gregg Brazinsky and translated by Marian Rosenberg.


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