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November 23, 1963

Cable from the Chinese Embassy in North Korea

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Please have the Journalism Department and the Second Asia Department [of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs] study and handle this.


[To] the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:


On the afternoon of 22 [November], the Vice Foreign Minister Kim Tae-hui [Kim Thae Hui] received the envoys from various countries and distributed a memorandum entitled “Ways to Resolve the Question of Korean Unification.” He hoped that the various governments could take action to provide assistance [on this matter]. Prior to the meeting, Kim expressed to us his hope for China to provide assistance by reporting this [issue] to the world and informing peoples of various countries.


The Publishing and Reporting Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has already requested that China’s Xinhua News Agency broadcast the full text in English to foreign audiences. An English draft has been sent from a branch of the Xinhua News Agency back to headquarters.


The original copy of the memorandum will be taken back by an envoy.


[Chinese] Embassy in [North] Korea

23 November 1963


The Chinese Embassy in North Korea reports to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on North Korea's request for international support regarding a memorandum on Korean unification at the United Nations. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs then suggests how Chinese news agencies can express support.

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PRC FMA 106-01403-02, 35. Translated by Jeffrey Wang and Charles Kraus.


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