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October 28, 1958

Cable from the Chinese Embassy in the Soviet Union, 'Gromyko Discussed the Issue of Stopping Nuclear Weapons Tests'

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Level: Express / Advance

From Moscow

No. 12

Received No. 12 / 1079


Copied To: Chairman [Mao Zedong], [Liu] Shaoqi, [Zhou] Enlai, Zhu De, Chen Yun, Lin Biao, [Deng] Xiaoping, Peng Zhen, [Peng] Dehuai, He Long, [Xi] Zhongxun, [Hu] Qiaomu, [Wang] Jiaxiang, [Li] Kenong, Li Tao, Central Propaganda Department, International Liaison Department, Foreign Affairs Office (4), Investigations, Military Intelligence, [Wu] Lengxi, […]


[Andrei] Gromyko Discussed the Issue of Stopping Nuclear Weapons Tests


To the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:


On [October] 27th [1958], while introducing the situation of the 13th United Nations General Assembly to Ambassador Liu [Xiao], Gromyko broached the issue of stopping nuclear weapons tests. He said the Soviet Union’s position was very far off from that of the United States and the United Kingdom’s. [They are] fundamentally in disagreement. The Soviet Union still adheres to the position that all regions should universally and forever cease the testing of nuclear weapons. It is firmly opposed to China’s proposal for a one-year halt. Last night the Soviet Union once again instructed its representative at the United Nations to continue opposing the positions of the United States and the United Kingdom. However, the Soviet Union has already decided that, when necessary, it will put forth a second proposal in which it agrees to stop tests for five years, but with one condition: the Soviet Union is entitled to complete the same number of tests as the United States and the United Kingdom had completed since the Soviet Union agreed to unilaterally halt testing on 31 March [1958]. This card was decided internally, but won’t be made public for the time being. The detailed record of this conversation will be sent tomorrow.


[Chinese] Embassy in the Soviet Union

28 October [1958]



Gromyko informs Liu Xiao of the Soviet position and strategy in its negotiations with the United States and the United Kingdom for halting nuclear tests.

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PRC FMA 109-01813-02, 4. Translated by Charles Kraus.


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