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March 14, 1965

Cable from the Chinese Embassy in the Soviet Union to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ‘The Situation of the Talks with the Chairman of the Vietnamese Student Association’

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs Cable

Level: Special / From the Moscow Desk / Received (65) No. 780


The Situation of the Talks with the Chairman of the Vietnamese Student Association


To the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:


On March 13th, the chairman of the Vietnamese student union at Moscow University spoke with the chairman of the Chinese student association, CHEN Zhengzhong, saying, "The entire student body was livid after reading the report issued by the Soviets. The report is completely false and flipped the entire situation." "The entire Vietnamese student body held a meeting to talk about the notification and decided that they will, in a show of solidarity with Chinese students, send letters to the Soviets both as a student association and individually, explaining the reality of the events in question."


A Vietnamese student at Moscow Music Academy was infuriated by the notice and said, "This is a lie, they put all the blame on the Chinese students. What kind of sense does this make?"


According to conversations between Vietnamese students in the Soviet Union, students in Hanoi have sent protest letters to the Soviet embassy concerning the suppression of the protesters.


[Chinese] Embassy in the Soviet Union

14 March1965

The Chinese Embassy in Moscow reports that Vietnamese students are indignant at the position of the Soviet Union toward the anti-American protests held by Vietnamese and Chinese in early March.

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PRC FMA 109-03628-04, 105-106. Obtained by You Lan and translated by Jake Tompkins.


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