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December 21, 1963

Cable from the Chinese Embassy in the United Arab Republic, 'Situation of Talks between the Premier and Nasser'

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Telegram Received by the Central Committee

Room Code [63] 5525

[Especially Urgent, Top Secret]


Status of Talks between the Premier and Nasser


To the Central Committee and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: (United Arab Republic Zhao No. 100)


The delegation asked the Embassy to report the situation on its behalf:


At 10:30 on the 20th, the Premier visited Nasser and they spoke along for about three hours.


The Premier began by discussing the situation in China and difficulties in domestic land reform and commercial work. He said that the Israel issue is just like the Taiwan issue. It did not become a problem all by itself but only after big powers got behind them.


Then the Premier talked about the establishment of a nuclear-free zone and general disarmament issues in Africa and Latin America. Nasser said that the Middle East cannot accept disarmament. As long as colonialism exists here, we cannot disarm.


On the Sino-Indian issue, after the Premier had once again explained the situation and our position in detail. After the Premier expressed the desire that the United Arab Republic could persuade India to accept to negotiate without preconditions, Nasser said that his impression was that India was not willing to negotiate but that he is willing to promote negotiations between the two sides. Moreover, he said that Nehru is old, and it still isn’t clear who in the next generation would succeed him.


Nasser is worried that if the issue drags on without a solution for four or five years, then it will be even harder to solve after Nehru’s death. Nasser asked the Premier whether China could make concessions again. The Premier replied that we have already made a lot of concessions to give India face. Making further concessions is impossible.


[Chinese] Embassy in the United Arab Republic

December 21




Zhou and Nasser discuss the Sino-Indian border dispute, nuclear-weapons-free-zones, and Taiwan.

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PRC FMA 108-00404-04, 9-10. Translated by David Cowhig.


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