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November 24, 1962

Cable from the Chinese Embassy in Vietnam, 'Chairman Ho Discusses the Following Two Situations'

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Telegram Received by the Foreign Ministry


Status: Very Urgent


From the Station in Vietnam


Chairman Ho [Chi Minh] Discusses the Following Two Situations


Ministry of Foreign Affairs


During Chairman Ho’s meeting with Chargé D'Affaires Wang about Ho’s letters to Chairman Liu and the Indian president and prime minister, Chairman Ho also mentioned the following two points:


1. He said that America’s capitalist press had created a chart on the Sino-Indian border issue that still classified Vietnam as a part of China.


2. Nehru is of the capitalist class, and is also himself an aristocrat. Before Indian independence, he was fairly progressive, but the present Nehru is no longer the same. However, among India’s ruling circles, he can still be considered a leftist. Right now the titans of the ruling class are pressuring him, and have forced him to eliminate [Krishna] Menon’s post. Since Menon’s removal from office, Nehru has been even more isolated.


Chinese Embassy in Vietnam

24 November 1962


Ho Chi Minh evaluates Jawaharlal Nehru and the Sino-Indian border dispute.

Document Information


PRC FMA 106-00729-04, 19-20. Translated by Anna Beth Keim.


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