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July 9, 1962

Cable from the Chinese Foreign Ministry, 'Please Report on the Situation of the Investigation of the Automobiles of the Soviet Consulates'

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Please Report on the Situation of the Investigation of the Automobiles of the Soviet Consulates


[To the] Xinjiang Foreign Affairs Office:


Concerning the investigation of the automobile of the Soviet consulate, the draft report from the Yili [Ili] Office [of the Xinjiang Foreign Affairs Department] has been received. However, the situation report has not yet been received. For [our] use in further negotiations, please quickly send this report as well as the complete records of conversation between Comrade Cao Hongzhang and the Soviet consul from 31 May. [We] hope that in the future [the Xinjiang Foreign Affairs Office] will promptly and truthfully reflect the situation [in Xinjiang] by first reporting materials requested by the Ministry [of Foreign Affairs].


Ministry of Foreign Affairs

9 July 1962




The Chinese Foreign Ministry asks for information on the movements of Soviet owned automobiles in Xinjiang.

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PRC FMA 118-01082-04, 60. Translated by Charles Kraus.


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