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June 28, 1962

Cable from Foreign Ministry to Xinjiang Foreign Affairs Office

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发往:乌鲁木齐   批发:(   628

等级:平    复来报号    外发e508












Cable sent by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China


Receiver: Wulumuqi [Urumqi]

Approved by:

28 June [1962]


Level: Normal

Foreign Ministry Dispatch No. 508

Copy to:

Read by:



Subject: We Have Already Responded to the Soviet Memorandum of 2 June and the Additional Oral Statement of 11 June


[To the] Xinjiang Foreign Affairs Office and the Party Committee of the [Xinjiang Uyghur] Autonomous Region:


On the 26th [of June], Vice Minister Ji [Pengfei] handed our memorandum responding to the Soviet memorandum of 2 June and the additional oral statement off 11 June to Soviet Ambassador [Stepan V.] Chervonenko (the full text is attached). Chervonenko denied that the Soviets were responsible, and said that there were many people who crossed the border—more than usual—and he continued with the unreasonable demands that our side send people to work [with the border crossers]. Vice Minister Ji rejected [Chervonenko’s statement], and pointed out that he had nothing new to talk about, [saying] we have already replied to the memorandum and to please transmit it to the Soviet government. Chervonenko agreed to do so.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs

28 June [1962]


Chervonenko denies Soviet responsibility for illegal border crossings, and the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs responds by referring to a previous memorandum.

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