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June 11, 1981

Cable from Indian Embassy Baghdad to Foreign Ministry in Delhi


Understand from Egypt Charge d’Affaires that it was at Sadat’s insistence that Reagan Administration suspended delivery of aircraft to Israel and this may be consideration for Sadat’s statement that Egypt Israel peace process would continue despite Egyptian condemnation of Israel attack on Iraqi nuclear installations. Chargè D’affaires added that he was confident there would be some further act by Egypt affecting the peace process in view of strong Arab and Egypt public feeling on this issue and also having regard to danger to Egypt’s own nuclear installations if high handed Israeli action goes unpunished”


Indian diplomats speculated at the time that the suspension of the delivery of the F-16 jets was potentially a U.S. gesture of goodwill toward Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, aimed at appeasing him and keeping the embryonic peace process with Israel alive.


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U.S.-West Asia Relations, (Middle East), MEA, WII/104/6/81, NAI. Obtained for the NPIHP by Giordana Pulcini and Or Rabinowitz

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