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May 10, 1948

Cable, Mao Zedong to Filippov [Stalin]

Com[rade] Filippov [Stalin]:

Today received your letter. Very grateful to you.

Under the current circumstances it is expedient to postpone my trip to you for a short time.

Requesting that you send a plane or a boat to the Shandong peninsula for my trip to you. But in the nearest future in view of the fact that I feel unwell (dizziness, the brain is very weak), cannot tolerate the vibration of the motor in the plane. Need a rest for a short time, after which can fly by plane. [I] will tell about the place of the aerodrome and port after finding out.

Mao Zedong.

Mao says that his poor health requires him to delay his trip further.


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APRF: F. 39, Op. 1, D. 31, L. 34. Reprinted in Andrei Ledovskii, Raisa Mirovitskaia and Vladimir Miasnikov, Sovetsko-Kitaiskie Otnosheniia, Vol. 5, Book 1, 1946-February 1950 (Moscow: Pamiatniki Istoricheskoi Mysli, 2005), p. 421. Translated for CWIHP from Russian by Sergey Radchenko. Published in CWIHP Bulletin #16.


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