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November 11, 1945

Cable No. 1297 from Stalin to Belgrad, Kiselev for Marshal Tito

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3RD UNIT     




Top Secret

By cipher




Copies: to BULGANIN and ANTONOV, Chief of the General Staff of the Red Army


I was late replying to your last telegram, chiefly because I was far from Moscow on vacation and the air mail is operating irregularly in view of the changeable weather. In addition, I need to receive some memos to check the reports of some officials whom I do not trust very much.


First. As it has turned out, we do not have the ability to grant your request about 200,000 sets of uniforms and shoes. We have a lot of captured clothing and shoes, but all this has gone to demobilized servicemen. We have promised those being demobilized to let them have clothing and shoes on return home at the lowest possible price. We could not fail to carry out this promise to the servicemen.


Second. The Government is sending you free of charge 60,000 sets of uniforms, 50,000 pairs of shoes, and 50 rail cars of captured ammunition.


Third. All your remaining requests are being met either free of charge or through trade deliveries by contract with the Yugoslav government.


Fourth. The decision of the Government on all questions of interest to you will be sent to you by the Chief of the General Staff of the Red Army.


Nº 1297/sh STALIN

11 November 1945



11 November 1945 Authenticated: (Khokhlov)

1p [signature]


Stalin replies to Marshal Josip Tito's request for uniforms and shoes.


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RGASPI, f. 558, op. 11, d. 98, ll. 0101. Contributed by Sergey Radchenko and translated by Gary Goldberg.


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